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Standup comedy is a form of expression because it is often innate out of a single personality. Unlike film or television, and other entertainment mediums, comedians are usually on their own 100% of the time. Becoming a standup comedian is not easy says Dan Nainan Comedian.

In fact, there are no genuine tools apart from spectators and a microphone to perform this job. Hence, you need to have a good sense of humor. The successful comedians spend years to study the art of comedy, speech dynamics, public speaking etc. Moreover, a humorist has to learn the best practices of self-advertising, promotion and social media influence.

Dan Nainan Comedian

Here are some tips by Dan Nainan Comedian that will help you become a successful entertainer:


Getting success in this industry is all about practice, keenness, and temperament to chase what you want to do. It is like something comical to say requires practice.

Get on theater and give it a go

This is the first thing that you have to do. You should try it with jokes which you have picked from the internet. Along with this, you have to pretend that jokes are your personal suggest Dan Nainan Comedian. If you feel that its working and you enjoyed it, then it would maybe give you the assurance to endeavor and write your own stuff.

Find your own style

You should search for your own style of comedy. And you can develop own style through stage time which is that key thing. It doesn’t come instantly, but everything comes down to that actually. If you want to do it, then you have to get on stage and experience performing live. The more you do it, your style will develop. You can grow your own comedian style over the years.

Get yourself on Television

Do you really want to make it in the business? If so, you need to be on the TV. So, that it creates the opportunity for a huge audience to see you at a time. In reality, only a small proportion of people like you. But the more people see you the better so that you can start to build up a bit of spectator.

Learn from other comedians

This is actually necessary to learn from other comedians. Start by reading autobiographies, watch other comedians on stage and notice how they are doing things. If you find the spectators tough, watch the shows and learn how stand-up comedians can turn those viewers around. You can pick up all the things by observing and doing them yourself.

Wrapping Up

Follow the above tips shared by Dan Nainan Comedian, if you want to hone your craft and build your own reputation in the comedy circuit. If someone interrupts you, just tell them to shut up, or be quiet if you want to become a successful comedian.

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Dan Nainan Comedian
Dan Nainan Comedian
Dan Nainan is a 100% clean comedian, TED speaker, Tesla owner, performed in 28 countries & for Obama, Trump, Clinton, Woz, Bloomberg.

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