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Belize - Cayo Rosario
By AMAN MEHTA 2,080 views

Why is Belize the Best Destination for Family Holiday? Explore Now!

Are you looking for striking and scenic places to spend holidays with family? Belize is one of the best destinations you should consider. It is a fantastic country. The country is the home to about 200 coastal islands that are pronounced as Cayes. Wildlife encounters, action and adventure and plenty of fun in the sun are some of the reasons for a family trip in Belize. Furthermore, over water bungalow development has been planned for Cayo Rosario on the leeward side of Ambergris Caye.

Here are some reasons to visit Belize with family:

Action and adventures


Travelers visit Belize to discover secretive Maya ruins, dark caves, lush jungle trails and deep. This might not sound accurately like a family holiday, but actually, no individual loves action and adventure more than children. And country’s escapade tours and doings can effortlessly accommodate children and youths.

Tourists can go jungle walking, horse riding, cave tubing, and river kayaking. Moreover, the on-site housings are also best for families. Your children love to take rest in the tree house suites or bathe in the outdoor showers. Best of all, kids under nine stay as well as play for free.

Animal Encounters

Animal Encounters

The wildlife preserves in Belize offers a secure harbor for wildlife that glees animal-lovers of all ages. But, animals and birds are subtle, and children do not typically have the patience to find them – unless you know exactly where to look. You can also visit Belize Zoo in order to see wildlife that is unlikely to be spotted elsewhere. If you are a peace lover, you should visit Cayo Rosario Cuba resort. Here, you can discover a spotless side of the Caribbean hardly seen before.

Sun and Sea

Sun and Sea

Belize is one of the best destinations to pursue all kinds of saltwater activities. You can also enjoy other activities such as windsurfing, sailing, snorkeling, and kayaking. Of course, you want your kids to settle down on a blanket for a while. Especially when wonderful white sand Belize beaches are so close. If your kids are old enough to accompany you on a scuba dive, allow to touch Belize well-known, ancient coral reef that teems with marine life.

Along with all this, the upcoming project i.e. overwater bungalow at Cayo Rosario Belize approved by the National Environmental Appraisal Committee will definitely attract you. These bungalows will provide a lot of amenities when getting ready. The grounds will likely feature several bars and cafeterias, a beach club, personal dining cabanas, and offer a variety of water sports.

Wrapping Up

So are you planning for your family holiday? If yes, the above reasons are enough to convince you to visit Belize. This magnificent country offers such a beautiful and comfortable lodges and hotels for families. Hold on. Cayo Rosario overwater bungalows are also coming that will surely make your Belize trip unforgettable. The natural beauty, moderate climate as well as the reasonable price you get everything at one place. So, add this country to must visit the place. We will keep you update with detail regarding the upcoming project.

Aman Mehta

Aman Mehta is an avid traveler and freelance writer. The best story of high travel adventure and challenges, in this blog I would like to share my personal experience at different-different places and also give the tips about the best tourism destination.