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digital signature
By DKRISTENSMITH 3,066 views

Discussing benefits and drawbacks of Electronically sign Word Document

As the term digital signature is quite popular among businesses, so we have a plan to discuss all its benefits and drawbacks. The reason is that we want to make sure that the companies have researched properly before the implementation of the Electronically signed word document.

But before that, we need to mention a brief introduction to electronic signatures for those, who are new and do not know much about this term. 

An electronic signature is a specific signature, which we use to sign documents online and even offline such as PDFs and word documents. This signature can be an image that we can incorporate as a free electronic signature in word or PDF. 

However, for creating these signatures, people use different techniques. You can use these signs when you use tablets through which you can directly sign the document through different tools and software, available on the internet. These signatures work just like a handwritten signature and there is no complexity around.

Benefits of Electronically signing a word document

  • There is no need to sign cumbersome papers.
  • Using an electronic signature is more convenient and secure.
  • You can consider these signatures are proof that the process has been accomplished accurately.
  • These signatures are also proof of agreement.

Drawbacks of electronic signature

You need to spend money on buying the relevant equipment. It means that you need to invest in a digital signature and wait for success.

A Small Discussion on Digital Signatures

Digital Signature Online is more complicated. Many companies are offering advanced digital signatures by claiming that they will improve the security and protection of your documents. According to the experts, through a digital signature, the authentication of the signer of the document is sent electronically. 

The signer gets this authentication from a certificate authority. Furthermore, there are some other checks as well to make the system more secure and authentic. For example, public-key authority (PKI) has been incorporated in authenticating digital signatures.

The best online signature solutions generate two keys, which are private and public. The private key is for the signer to use for signing and the public key is at the receiver’s end to confirm that the signatures are real.

Benefits of Digital Signature Online

  • A digital signature is best for making the documentation process, secure.
  • The system uses encryption for receiving and sending contracts and agreements with the help of a digital signature.
  • The digital signature informs you about the attempt of any tempering. For example, if the public key is not working, it confirms that someone has tried to temper the document.
  • Digital signatures are for providing technology-based protection that was not possible previously.
  • Including timestamps is another feature that activates when someone tries to steal the keys. This feature will pinpoint the person, who tried to do this. So, the contracts are more secure, protected, and confidential.
  • Trail audit keeps an eye on the whole process of digital signature, and if someone is not following the procedure, or trying to temper the content, it will intimate you. It also keeps an eye on all the processes, and if there is some ambiguity, it will inform you.

Drawbacks of digital Signature

Businesses are always in search of the most affordable solutions. However, it does not work all the time. We want to mention here that some third parties offer easier certificates to you.

These certificates can be less effective and can create issues in the case of facing legal circumstances. So, you need to make sure that you have an authority certificate, issued by a reliable third party; otherwise, you will face the circumstances.


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