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Intelligent Automation
By ANGELA ASH 1,290 views

11 Benefits of Intelligent Automation

There’s no doubt that businesses are looking for solutions that can help them improve their agility, productivity, and customer experience. Using intelligent automation processes like AI and RPA may be the best solution due to their simplicity and effectiveness in operations. Intelligent automation is the use of upgraded technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to optimize business procedures.

There are many benefits of intelligent automation, and they include the following:

1. Reduces Cost

It’s impossible to avoid incurring many costs when running a business, but being thoughtful about the operation process can go a long way in saving money. For instance, one of the best ways to reduce costs in your business is by using intelligent automation for tasks that may need staffing or training programs. Most times, using automation can help you save up to 40% yearly when dealing with business processes. By reducing the cost of operation, you can think of more ideas to boost your business growth.

2. Provides a Competitive Advantage

In every industry, business owners want to always look for ways to be frontrunners and remain at the top longer. However, having the right tools to carry out company activities can only ensure they achieve their mission and this leads them to the use of intelligent automation. One of the benefits of intelligent automation is the provision of competitive advantages to company owners. Intelligent automation gives businesses an edge by increasing efficiency and innovation.

3. Increases Employee Satisfaction

When there are a lot of roles for employees to perform in a company, they become stressed, weighed down, and unhappy. That’s why businesses that value employee importance does look for ways to keep them satisfied and fulfilled with discharging their duties. With the help of intelligent automation, employees can get freed up from some particular tasks and focus on others, making them feel unburdened and light in the workplace. Also, employees can get the chance to progress in their career advancement and gain more abilities.

4. Lessens Risks of Error

There’re times when people perform the same task many times, and this means the chance of making mistakes is high. Although they are termed human errors, they can sometimes be dangerous to business activities, including production or delivery. Automating complex tasks can help your business to decrease the rate of human error and provide a ground for better results to support growth. Also, the reduced risk of error results in better activity handling and higher chances of attaining your targets.

5. Improves Efficiency

Everyone wants to see their business provide great results; therefore, they try their best to invest in increasing efficiency. However, this can only be possible with the help of automation, as automated processes show a high-quality level of performance. Intelligent automation has a high chance of greater transparency and not skipping a step during the procedure running. Intelligent automation helps to track, measure and assess an approach while providing ways in which it can become more enhanced.

6. Allows Time for More Tasks

It’s not easy trying to perform so many tasks simultaneously because you have to record maximum growth and success. In fact, some companies load their employees with many duties because they have to meet their targets. Well, with the help of intelligent automation, that can be avoided, as automated processes automatically create time for employees to channel their efforts and focus on other parts of your business. This will save time and energy, which in the long run helps you to accomplish your business goals speedily.

7. Enhances Decision Making

Decision-making is crucial to many business structures because it makes or mars them. Since automation is used regularly for activities, employees can find it easier to make better decisions. For instance, intelligent automation like AI can help to acquire massive amounts of data which is then analyzed to provide insights for business operations. By checking through this information available, you and the team can make better decisions which ultimately goes a long way in setting your business up for more progress.

8. Guarantees Customer Satisfaction

When a business owner refuses to provide customers with the necessary service, losing them to rivals becomes inevitable. Automation helps prevent this because examples of AI, like chatbots, can respond to customer complaints and enquire 24/7. According to ExplodingTopics, 88% of customers will only become loyal to a brand when they make more than three purchases with an excellent experience. That means consistent response to customers’ inquiries and providing solutions will make them show loyalty to your business.

9. Enables Business Compliance

Do you know that organizations are governed by laws and regulations which are industry specific? There are times when rules need to be changed, updated, or recorded, and intelligent automation can help ensure that. Automation ensures that businesses can comply with industry standards released at any time. Another benefit of automation is ensuring that companies gather enough data, which can help them to avoid being caught unaware by new policies or rules made by authorities.

10. Helps to Build a Strong Brand Identity

According to TalentNow, 84% of employees believe a brand’s identity determines their readiness to work in its organization. That means employees love to work in terrain with growth, satisfaction, great culture, and excellent identity. Intelligent automation helps to provide a business with a great identity by assisting the leadership team in building an environment with more productivity. Furthermore, since tasks have been automated, your team can have the chance to take on more responsibilities and build themselves.

11. Provides Higher Chances of Scalability

As you continue to operate your business, changes will likely occur, and you’ll need to accommodate them. Intelligent automation allows you to scale your business to any level as long as it’s manageable. Automated systems like AI or the use of robots are flexible and can therefore be scaled down or up depending on how a company undergoes modification. One fantastic fact: you don’t need to pay for any process as it continues with the same level of performing tasks.


Now that the world is tending towards a more digital phase, organizations have to start devising ways in which automation can augment their activities. Since the world of work is rapidly evolving, it’s becoming increasingly necessary for business owners to use strategies that can help them adapt to the changes. Intelligent automation can help your business stay longer and succeed because it reduces cost, improves efficiency, and provides a competitive advantage.

Angela Ash

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