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Parag Fatehpuria - outdoor games

Benefits of Outdoor Games for Kids

In the modern era, technology has evolved so fast that it has impacted the lives of kids as well. Today, instead of going out and play kids indulge themselves either in televisions or gadgets. People are ignoring the fact that sitting for too long at one place and indulging in video games or TV impact the health of kids to a great extent. In simple words, these bad habits are the root cause of obesity and other major diseases. Children stay more happy and healthy when indulge themselves in more outdoor activities in comparison to indoor activities.

Let’s explore a few good reasons why kids should play more outdoor games in place of sitting indoor with Parag Fatehpuria.

Improve Learning Abilities

parag fatehpuria - learning

Playing outdoor games is one of the best ways to enhance learning abilities in kids. It helps them to learn essential life lessons and skills, develop the confidence to face challenges, gain a new basic understanding of science. Moreover, learning done through play makes the learning process easier and it stays in mind for a lifetime.

Develop Overall Health

Parag Fatehpuria - healthy kid

Playing outdoor games keeps kids active and helps in improving their physical stamina and build immunity. Also, strengthen their muscles and bones, and lower the risk of many diseases like obesity, heart problems, etc. Playing in the fresh air and natural light will provide them with the essential vitamin D. Otherwise, deficiency of vitamin D can cause Rickets. Indulging in electronic gadgets for long durations can have an impact on a kid’s vision. According to experts, outdoor play is very helpful in improving a child’s overall eyesight.

Boosts Creative Skills

parag fatehpuria - activity

Indulging in outdoor games boost kid’s creative skills. Playing in the open natural surroundings actually stimulate a child’s imagination and develop a lot of artistic and inventive ideas. It takes a child closer to nature, art, and develop curiosity in them to learn more about it.

Attain Social Skills

parag fatehpuria - social skills

Kids become more socially active when they play outside with other kids, it develops interacting skills in them and improves their presence of mind. In contrast, sitting inside the home and playing indoor games make them isolated. Also, decrease their confidence level when it comes to interacting with people. Playing outside with other kids push them to give up their shells, approach different children, make new friends. In the end, it helps them to acquire social and communication skills which are necessary for their personal growth.

 Build a Positive Attitude

parag fatehpuria - positive attitude

Children who play outdoors and engaging with people, develop a positive attitude, calmer and happier personality. Also, playing outdoor games is one of the best ways to channelize a child’s natural energy and enthusiasm.

Personality Development

parag fatehpuria - personality developement

Outdoor play is very helpful in the personality development of a kid. It helps them to understand independent and self-reliant. They learn to deal with challenges, setbacks, and unfamiliar conditions on their own. In simple words, outdoor play along with adult supervision add confidence in them and make them capable enough to tackle life situations later on. They also learn the value of discipline, sportsmanship, and team spirit.

Final Thoughts

So these are the few reasons why kids should play outdoor games and how this outdoor play can help them in making and living a quality life. Parag Fatehpuria says every parent should focus on encouraging their kids to play outside instead of playing games on mobile or watching TV.

Parag Fatehpuria

I’m Parag Fatehpuria. I’m a Mentor living in Ahmedabad, India. I am a fan of travel, reading, and entrepreneurship. I’m also interested in education and basketball. Apart from it, I have been associated with many other social services.

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