Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup nowadays is completely different than it used to be 20 years ago. While women and men in the past used to get permanent tattoos that faded into unattractive colors, on their faces, modern makeup offers something completely different.

What is Permanent Makeup?

The term permanent makeup includes all the treatments that are done similarly to traditional tattooing and that last for a while. The more correct term is semi-permanent makeup because it uses pigments of natural origin instead of ink. The pigments lose intensity, i.e. start fading after 2-10 years, depending on the treatments.

The most commonly requested permanent makeup treatments are microblading, powder brows, and other similar eyebrow treatments, lip tattoo, permanent eyeliner, scalp micro-pigmentation, freckle tattoo. This makeup is so popular at the moment and it will be even more in the future because of its numerous benefits.

Benefits of Permanent Makeup

It looks natural

The most important advantage of permanent makeup is that it looks really natural. You can enhance any part of your face, and most people won’t be able to tell that you had something done. For example, microblading draws natural-looking hair strokes between your natural hair strokes. Lip blush just adds some color to your lips and makes them look fuller. 

This makes makeup a perfect choice for people who want to showcase their natural features, but don’t want to spend time on a morning makeup routine.

It is low-maintenance

Permanent makeup is really low-maintenance. Once you get your tattoo, you are usually set for a year. Depending on the treatment you choose, touch-ups are usually done annually. However, most treatments require special aftercare during a healing period after the treatment. During the aftercare, you will be asked to pay special attention to your freshly done lips, eyebrows, eyeliner and use special aftercare products, which you can find at PhiBrows USA

After your brows are healed, you don’t have to worry about your makeup. Book a touch-up when you notice your tattoo starts fading (which won’t happen for months) and that is all. 

It saves time

10 minutes every morning to do our makeup does not sound a lot, but what do you think about waking up and just washing your face without trying to make your eyebrows even. Or going through a day without running to the bathroom and checking whether your lipstick is still there and if it needs to be reapplied. 

Most makeup treatments only last 2-3 hours. After that, you don’t have to spend another minute on your brows, lips, or eyeliner for at least a year. 

…And Your Nerves

How many times were you in a rush and you just couldn’t apply the eyeliner properly? Then everything gets smudged, you become even more nervous. With permanent makeup, no more stressful mornings. 

It doesn’t smudge

Oh, having awesome eyebrows that won’t be ruined by sweat and water is a dream come true. And yes permanent makeup gives you that. Lipstick that doesn’t wear off after a meal, eyeliner that is always on fleek and always even.

This is especially useful for people who do sports and want to enhance their look. Even though they sweat a lot, it won’t affect permanent makeup. Also, people who are not allowed to wear makeup at work can benefit from permanent makeup. 

Camouflaging scars

This makeup can also be a great solution for camouflaging scars. For example, lip tattoos are great for people who have uneven lips or lips of uneven color. One of the most often requested treatments is the color correction or dark lip corrections, which can be done with a lip blush tattoo. 

Boosts your self-esteem

The main purpose of permanent makeup is to enhance your look and make you feel better about yourself. You can make your lips plumper by doing a lip blush tattoo. Your new microblade eyebrows will shape your face and give permanent balance to the face and features. 


This kind of makeup has numerous benefits and whatever treatment you choose, it will save your time and make you feel better about your look.

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