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wheatgrass juice

Amazing Benefits of Using Wheatgrass Juice Powder

Wheatgrass is a type of grass that is similar to wheat in many of its properties. Wheatgrass has been used as a natural medicine for centuries. It is usually harvested before it reaches its full height. Then it is processed into powder by extracting dehydrated juice from wheatgrass. The powder itself is turned into a juice by high-powered blenders or special juicers. Plus, the benefits of regularly drinking wheatgrass are numerous.

High in Nutrients and Antioxidants

By consuming wheatgrass juice powder, you increase your intake of vital nutrients such as vitamins, iron, calcium, and amino acids. There are eight amino acids that your body particularly needs. These cannot be produced by the body and hence must be obtained from food consumption. Wheatgrass juice powder contains all of these. Wheatgrass juice powder also has several vital antioxidants. Antioxidants are chemicals that prevent the oxidation i.e., the chemical breakdown of cells in your body. Notable studies suggest that these reduce the risk of problems such as cardiovascular diseases. It benefits people with high cholesterol by acting to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the body. Wheatgrass juice powder is often labeled a ‘superfood.’ It is because it contains so many of the vital nutrients the body needs. 

  • Preventing Cancer:

This is also due to the high concentration of antioxidants in wheatgrass juice powder. It can reduce the spread of cancerous tumors by significant percentages, as indicated by certain test-tube studies. It kills cancerous cells within a few days of treatment. It also reduces the harmful side effects of conventional cancer treatment methods. Chemotherapy often harms the functioning of bone marrow but consuming wheatgrass was shown to reduce this. 

  •  Weight loss:

Wheatgrass juice powder is an easily accessible supplement that can help you reduce your weight. Chemicals within the wheatgrass like thylakoids help reduce hunger pangs. It makes it easier for people to consume carbohydrates without overeating, which is one of the main obstacles to a healthy weight. These chemicals slow down the speed at which food is digested, allowing better absorption of nutrients as well.

  • Helps digestion:

Wheatgrass juice powder has a high concentration of enzymes in it that facilitate digestion. Food is digested smoothly, and nutrients are fully absorbed due to the help of wheatgrass juice powder. It also removes toxins from your body. By doing so, it helps clean your liver, making it function more effectively. You are less likely to suffer from issues such as gastrointestinal problems. Stomach aches and bloating are also reduced. This detoxification also improves skin health. A decrease in toxins reduces problems like eczema and acne.  If your skin is damaged, it helps in blood clotting and skin regeneration due to high iron content. 

  • Provides Energy:

The stress of modern-day life often leaves us drained and without energy. We also do not regularly consume food properly because of our lack of time. This reduces the energy that we have to carry out our numerous activities. Wheatgrass juice powder is a quick injection of energy. Due to its immense concentration of nutrients, especially iron, wheatgrass juice powder helps in gaining more energy. This is particularly effective because wheatgrass juice powder also stimulates blood circulation. Decreasing cholesterol and increasing iron quantities means that blood flows better and can carry more oxygen to the muscles. Wheatgrass can contribute to a better mood and sense of well-being. Your system of hormones is strengthened, and adrenaline is better regulated, which helps when in stressful moments. The energy that it gives you also improves mood as it provides more motivation and fights off lethargy. It even reduces memory loss and fights off problems such as Alzheimer’s.  

  • Countering Arthritis:

The chlorophyll in wheatgrass juice powder helps reduce inflammation in the joints and muscles. Inflammation is the key reason behind arthritis and causes immense pain to those who suffer from it. Wheatgrass reduces that pain, which means that patients can now reduce reliance on expensive painkillers, many of which have side effects. 

  • Dental Relief:

Wheatgrass strengthens the enamel of your teeth, making it more resistant to tooth decay. You can even apply the powder directly to your gums to reduce the redness and sensitivity. It also tackles bad breath. Wheatgrass juice powder helps absorb more magnesium and digest fats better, and this directly relates to having a better body and mouth odor.

Christine Rudolph

Christine Rudolph is a passionate Heath & LifeStyle blogger. She is an enthusiastic writer, inclined towards ever-changing trends. For more updates follow her on Twitter @RudolphBlogger.