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Best Gifts For Him
By SAMBAWA BAWA 1,431 views

Best Gifts For Him For Bath & Body Works

Well, we believe candle, music, bubble, bliss can transform your body and soul and herein we will prove it how you can change the life of your man by just gifting a box of care & pamper. If you face challenges while selecting a gift for the most special men here we are listing the best gifts for bath and body works which will pamper him just like your love for him.


This is the time to gift him happiness and care which can be enveloped in a long bubble bath so you can gift him the opulence of Shea butter, vitamin E and the goodness of Aloe Vera which keeps him away from all the skin problems and is packed in a 2 in 1 pack of Bourbon. It can be used as a shampoo as well as body wash and the Shea butter in it will foster your skin with deep moisturization and vitamin E which reduces the dark and itchy skin caused due to the harsh sun rays. One can soothe the skin just by taking a shower using bourbon body wash as men hardly find time to pamper themselves but this bath cum skincare will ensure that skin gets the adequate nourishment while you are just taking a bath.

 Eucalyptus & Spearmint Sugar Scrub

One can simply gift him the benison of skin exfoliation which releases all the stress as this spa product will serve you with more than just a scrub. You can revel in the goodness of Eucalyptus and spearmint which will pacify your whole body after a tedious day at the office you can simply pamper your body with this miraculous sugar scrub and a stress reliever with superior quality essential oils.

 You will experience a luxurious rejuvenation in your energy and mood with the pleasing soft fragrance of the scrub. As men usually don’t pay attention to their hard skin areas which really needs exfoliation but this product will make him fall for its amazing results just after a single use, no matter you are around or not but this scrub will surely take care of him.

Noir Ultra Shea Body Cream

This cream is specifically designed for men from the exclusive men collection and is enriched with Shea butter which fosters with 24-hour nourishment. In order to make his skin soft and supple, the cream is packed with the goodness of cocoa and aloe butter which deeply penetrates his skin and provides with adequate moisture for a lasting effect.

This cream has a non-greasy formula and soft fragrance which will keep him absorbed with the exotic blend.  The cream is melded with an enchanted combination of black cardamom, vanilla and a hint of musk. This gift will surely prove to be the best gift for him and can be bought at astonishing prices and offers by just looking for some good bath & body works coupons online.

Noir Body Lotion

This product is from the signature collection for men and is a super selection to gift him as this more than a body lotion. The scented lotion which is a concoction of bergamot, amber wood, cardamom, white vanilla, Vetiver and musk with naturally exudes mesmerizing fragrance and is skin-friendly at the same time. It a great product for all skin types as it contains Shea butter for intense moisturization, vitamin E and B5 to protect and provide nourishment for achieving soft and supple skin. It enables your skin to retain the lost moisture and restore your natural moisture.

Premium Shave Cream by Proraso

This Proraso shaving classic is revitalizing and toning shaving soap which can be used for a safe and smooth shave as it makes very thick elastic lather. It is combined with ingredients gifted by nature that will make it concentrated and rich in the lather. You are also fostered with the nourishment of eucalyptus which tones your face and is good for his beard hair.

It contains menthol which mollifies his skin and makes him feel refreshed also it contains glycerin which prevents cuts, rashes, and razor burns because it enables the razor to glide smoothly on his face. While choosing this product you can assure yourself that you are gifting him a product which is paraben free, cruelty-free, and has no silicones, artificial colours, mineral oils or any other toxic product ergo this product is most gentle and of superior quality for the one, you love.

Freshwater Men’s collection

The best way to astound your husband or brother is by gifting him the fragrance of your love with freshwater deodorizing spray which keeps him reminding of you all day long just like the freshness of the spray which is neither too loud nor too weak but exudes the fresh aroma just like the name suggests. No matter he is with you or not but the deodorant spray will always make him feel your presence. This spray will immerse him in the freshness of Italian bergamot, oakmoss and mountain spring water which is a masculine and invigorating smell with deodorizing protection throughout the day.

Mahogany Teakwood scented candle

This single wick candle is just an amazing gift for him as this candle is made up with premium quality essential oils which can fill the entire room with its healing fragrance, rejuvenates mood, de-stress your body with its aromatherapy properties. This is an impeccable gift for any candle fanatic and even if he isn’t one then you will make him by gifting this candle. This Soy candle can burn up to 72 hours and can exude enough fragrance to fill the entire room with its strong woody aroma.


The most challenging task is to select a gift for him but herein we have unravelled the secret to impress him be it your hubby, father, brother, or just a male friend. Now you don’t have to plan for a gift a few days in advance as you can do it right away from the most astonishing range of bath and body works. Now, don’t just give him a gift instead offer the intense care and pamper which he deserves.

sambawa bawa

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