Software updates are very interesting. In fact, many of us wait for new software updates to see what new features the company is offering to you. Hence, after racing software update notifications, we rush towards installing all the new updates MacBook has to offer.

Last year, MacBook launched a new operating system, Big Sur. Big Sur is the successor of the old operating system Catalina.

Updates sure with new features and changes your whole experiences, but sometimes, these software updates are the reasons for data loss. In the process of updating a new operating system, many users face the loss of their important data.

If you are one of those people, then you might be anxiously searching for data recovery. Don’t worry, here we will talk about the best data recovery software for both old and new MacBook users.

Best Mac Data Recovery Software for MacBook

There can be no worse experience than updating to a new operating system in the hope of having all the new features, only to realize later that the new update has resulted in the loss of your data.

Although there is much data recovery software in the market, only a few software can serve both the old MacBook users and new MacBook users with Big Sur operating systems.

Given below is the list of software that offers the best Mac data recovery software for mac 2018 or later.

1. iBoysoft Data Recovery Software

iBoysoft data recovery software is all about full compatibility and an efficient and safe data recovery process. Like any other data recovery software, iBoysoft has all the necessary features, but having these two features acts as a cherry on top of the cake.

iBoysoft data recovery software might be new to the industry, but it has certainly proven itself by serving its audiences with high-quality data recovery features and a high successful recovery rate.

2. Stellar Data Recovery Software

Stellar is one of the veterans of the data recovery industry. It has been around two decades serving the audience with some of the best data recovery facilities.

Stellar offers your hope to recover data from your deleted word, Excel, PDFs, PowerPoint, images, files, and folders. The UI of this software is similar to that of the new macOS Big Sur. So, you will feel at home.

It has a deep scan facility that assures its users have a 100% data recovery guarantee with its file signatures.

3. Tenorshare Data Recovery Software

It is yet another powerful data recovery software for the MacBook. There is no limitation with what type of file you can recover or how much amount of data you can recover, making it one of the most sought outer mac data recovery software.

This software offers partition recovery, lost file recovery, RAW recovery, and much more. Also, it supports T2 data chip recovery.

4. Recoverit Data Recovery Software

Recoverit data recovery software stands on the expensive side, but that doesn’t concern its users. The high charges offer some of the best features the data recovery industry has to offer.

The standard version of the recovery creates bootable media that relieve you from the stress of creating an additional drive for the recovery.

5. Data Rescue Software

Data rescue simply does what its name implies. It can easily rescue lost and deleted files. This software offers data recovery services beyond the hard drive memory. It helps the user recover data from the external drive like USB, SD Card, SSDs, CF Cards, and much more.

With Data rescue, you get quick and deep scans that help the users scan the storage drive completely. In fact, you even get an email notification with a completed scan. Hence, if it is a deep scan, you can do other work, and when the scan is completed, you get the notification to take the next step.


The top data recovery software should bring forth a wide range of premium features and cover almost every type of data lost recovery feature. This software ought to be well aware of the customer’s needs and offer tailor-made solutions to the customers. If you ask for our recommendation, we will point our fingers at iBoysoft data recovery software. The reason is simple, despite being a junior in the list, it holds its own quite well against a veteran like Stellar. In addition to that, it offers 1GB free data recovery in its trial version.

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