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Looking For Best Offshore Company Formation Service
By MIKE HAYNES 1,072 views

What to Consider When Looking for best Offshore Company formation Service?

Offshore businesses are a growing trend for entrepreneurs in various industries. However when looking for best offshore company formation services, there are certain things you need to consider, not just about the service provider, but even location. Making the choice goes beyond a gut feeling. You need solid factors that will ensure the success of the new venture you are getting into.

Below are some of the key considerations you should make when looking for best offshore company formation service. This will help you make a deep examination of the options available and determine which would be the best fit for you.

Which Location Does the Service Provider Have Knowledge About?

Where do you intend to set up an offshore company? When you answer that question, you can start looking for a service provider that knows the ins and outs of setting up a company in that location. This is important because the service provider will know things like set up costs and the advantages of that location. For example, setting up an offshore company in UAE can be a better option than Bahamas or Seychelles but not so many companies are aware of that since they do not operate in the UAE. And do not know the incentives given to new companies being set up.

Startup Costs 

A major consideration is what you will have to spend to set up your operation in the jurisdiction that the company works. You may need to find a company that helps you save as much as possible. It is not just about their rate or the percentage they take, it is also how they operate to ensure you do not have to spend more than you have to.

You also have to take into account compliance guidelines. If you fail to comply with certain guidelines, you could be fined. Make sure your partner understands the way things work so that you do not end up in such a scenario. You can also look for online company registration in Serbia. It is possible to register a company in Serbia, even if you are a foreign citizen or foreign company, which means that the firm in Serbia can be owned and set up by foreign citizens of foreign legal entities.


Even though offshore investments are perfectly legal, certain dealings have given it a bad name. You do not want to reinforce that belief by getting into business with a service provider that has a reputation for helping entrepreneurs cut corners. Sometimes this even starts with the location you choose. Some locations have a reputation for helping the wealthy evade taxes. If you choose such a location, you are also likely to find a company with a similar reputation. Research the reputation of the prospective service provider.

Do They Have Experience With Your Kind of Business? 

Some companies may be used to dealing with a particular industry and may not understand the needs of another. You need to research on how many companies offering offshore company formation services are conversant with your kind of business. Some companies are more into tax and assets but have little experience with what your business does.

The same may apply to the location you choose to set up the company, some locations are best for low taxation but might have regulations that are not favorable for your business.

What Level of Privacy Do You Need?

Particular jurisdictions offer different confidentiality levels. Your partner should be aware of this and give you the right advice based on the level of confidentiality you need. The type of industry you are in may determine how much confidentiality you need and you will need a partner that can guarantee you that level of confidentiality. However, do not expect to use this as a way to hide illegal dealings as reputable firms will not help you with such.

What Influence Will the Service Provider Have in Your Business?

Some jurisdictions require that you have a local partner and usually you could choose to have the service provider stand in as the local partner. You however need to consider just how much control you are ready to let them have. Sometimes it is wise to discuss this with them and if you agree on their level of influence, then go ahead with the contract. Most times though, they will not have a say in the way you run your business.


Choosing the best offshore company partner is a serious task that needs to be approached with the help of professional knowledge about not just the industry you are getting into, but also the jurisdiction. Pay close attention to the location you wish to set up the business and then identify the most skilled service provider. Pay attention to their track record and some of the businesses they have helped to set up. At the same time, remember that your business needs may defer from another business so make a note of the needs of your company and then compare them to what the service provider says they can do for you.

Mike Haynes

Mike Haynes is the executive Vice President of Machine shop. Prior to Machine shop,Mike Haynes is a writer has a deep knowledge about industrial growth,helped many business owners through his blogs.