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photo booth
By AMANDA MILLS 1,255 views

What Is the Best Photo Booth to Hire?

Without a doubt, a photo booth has become a staple accessory and entertainment for any party, be it a wedding or a baby shower. Regardless of what gathering you would like to prepare, it is a proven method to ensure your guests are having fun and sharing stunning memories with one another.

In a nutshell, a standard tool of this kind consists of a high-resolution camera, props, backgrounds, and professional photo-booth software. So it is possible to create one on your own or enjoy the seasoned assistance of photo booth hire London. No matter what you consider, an in-depth understanding of this solution’s characteristics will come in handy. Stay tuned to get acquainted with the variety of photo booths and choose the best fit overall!

Top 10 Photo Booths for Your Party

Whenever you decide on the right type of photo booth, highly-recommended performance aspects to take into account include:

  • The size and installation requirements — you have to find out more about your location and where you will be able to set up a photo booth. In the best-case scenario, you will need an intuitive design with plenty of interactive functions.
  • Feedback and work samples — before you hire any solution, please ensure the final product’s quality is to your liking. Feel free to request examples of photos taken with the help of the target software and hardware.

Now is the time to distinguish between distinctive kinds of photo booths. Onwards!


Retro, vintage, and classic designs are unbeatable in their nostalgia and influence on audiences. Given photo booths aren’t as widespread in public as before, this experience of actually stepping inside a booth and receiving great shots is second to none.

Selfie Style

This type of pod is a sufficient instrument to provide more independence in photo-booth-related experiences. It makes such activities more versatile and dynamic. Taking into account its automated performance in capturing and printing shots, the value of the offer is undeniable.

360-Degree Photo-Shooting

The use of modern technologies diversifies what end results can be achieved. In this case, you can benefit from how differently a single picture looks from unique angles.

Selfie Mirror

If you opt for more fashionable and modern photo booths, it is the right option. While being a nice decorative element for a location’s interior design, this version is easy to use with just a touch on the mirror screen.

Creating GIFs

Another to utilize modern technologies to the full is to hire an advanced photo booth with different types of content produced. Along with getting good images, making GIFs lets your guest have funny and memory-holding animations to share online.

Green Screen

In this case, a photo booth transforms into a traveling machine. The green screen helps interested parties personalize pictures for guests, letting them decide on the desired background individually.

Roaming Version

It is a nice compromise between traditional photo booths and the work of professional experts. This technology doesn’t depend on your location that much while providing that same old-fashioned vibe of the photo-shooting process.

Camper Style

As the name suggests, it is a perfect match for parties in a boho style. The quality and variety of efficient filters for photos are great.

Open-Air Performance

It is probably one of the most popular options to hire in London. Its minimalist design allows you to complement any outdoor event and get printouts right away.

Flip Book

If you think taking pictures and making GIFs is all modern photo booths are capable of, it is high time to figure out what a flip book version is. In plain English, this type lets customers prepare mini videos. A high-speed representation mode gives a magnificent touch to the experience.

How to Hire a Photo Booth in London

Getting the most out of the offer while staying within budget is a destination point for many. When it comes to hiring this equipment for your event, the type you are interested in will influence the cost a lot. However, that’s not the only price-making criterion:

  • The location of the party plays a big role too. The same goes for the number of attendants to back up a hired photo booth.
  • The number of hours to use the chosen entertainment instrument is also influential.

The average expense of renting is about $500-$550. According to industrial projections, the minimum price is usually around $300, while the upper bottom can easily reach $700. When determining how much you can afford to hire a photo booth, consider the presented functionality and what activities you will be able to offer to your guests at the event.

To boost your confidence in decision-making, cooperating with professional third parties is a great idea. If you would like to access a rich pool of photo-shooting techniques and technologies, a Poptop photo booth is a trusted and test-proven solution to hire in London. With several designs and features to choose from, this company’s collection will do its best to bring you joy and happiness during any party.

Amanda Mills

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