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By ARIANA SMITH 829 views

Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins for 2020

No matter which smartphone you are carrying, if the smartphone does not have the application it will be of no use. 

Similar to that if a WordPress does not have a certain plugin, it will not be appealing. These plugins can make your simple website into a unique website. Plugins like Yoast and contact form plugins can really make your WordPress website yield dramatic results. 

There are so many plugins to choose from. But not all plugins are made equally. There are some plugins that can really make your life easier where on the other hand, there are some plugins that are too riddled to use. 

This article is all about the best plugins which work perfectly all the time. In this article, I will discuss must-have, lightweight, and highly functional plugin which people don’t know about. 

 1. Pretty links 

Pretty links can add value to the WordPress you are using. It adds many tools and redirection types, that will help you to create links automatically, it can cloak links, replace keywords with the pretty links. It then categorizes your link and tags them. 

It enables you to shorten the links by using your domain names. Meanwhile, it creates a clean link and keeps track of all the hits. Then create a report on the hits which can come from the browser and hosts. 

Pretty link can be the best plugin for people who really wants to clean up their affiliate links, tracks the clicks on the mails. It also trach the twitter from which the links are created to your domain. It also increases the reach by spreading the link on the forum or comments on the other blogs. 


  • It gives you the ability to create a clean link for your site and helps you to redirect to other URLs. 
  • It tracks the number of clicks on the links 
  • Track the unique clicks on the link 
  • Create random 3-4 slug and help you to name a custom slug for URL. 
  • Exclude IP address from the stats. 

 2. Broken link checker 

There are times when a link becomes too old and does not even exist. This usually happens with old links. 

Brocken link checker can come in handy. This plugin scans all the links in your site and give you a detailed report on which link is still active and which is dead. 

You can simply substitute those links with e new links. 

Having a broken link is like having black money in your house. It can make your user leave your site early, slowdowns search bots, and the most horrible thing it does is that it starts lowering your ranks on the search engine result page. 

It has gone very famous in a short period of time. With more than 700,000 installs it is still getting more downloads. 


  • It monitors over your post, blogs, pages, backrolls, comments by simulating automatic scans. 
  • It quickly finds links and images which are not working and report it back. 
  • It has highlights features that highlight the broken links. 
  • It stops the search engine to follow the broken links 

 3. Optimole 

Optimole is an all-in solution for image optimization. It is fully automated and has a range of features that is capable of solving any image problem. 

Optimole can easily optimize your images in the real-time cloud-based system and help to distribute the same quality image to all kinds of devices and sites. This really solved the problem where there used to be a quality difference for different devices. 

Think like this just how much time you will get to work on the other problem. You don’t have to worry about image optimization. Just one click and all optimization are done by Optimole without any interference. 


  • No matter which device your audience is using, optimole give each device equal quality of visual experience. 
  • All screen size is supported. 
  • It has a fast processing clod system that means that every image is optimized in real-time. 
  • Optimole uses several algorithms and lets you customize them in your own way. 
  • It works fine withy network speeds. 

 4. Revive old post 

Are you having too many old posts? Is it really becoming hard to share all the old and new posts at the same time? 

Then why wait, go install the revive old post plugin. This plugin helps you to share old posts among your audiences. It can boost website traffic. It administers traffic and social media followers and keeps the engagement going to retain the audiences. 

It is an automation plugin, once set it can do all the work on its own. This can be really time-saving process. 


  • It shares both, new post and the old post to the social media automatically. 
  • You can schedule the post. 
  • You can select the age of the post which needs to be shared. 
  • It includes links to every share to create backlinks. 
  • You can even exclude the post you don’t want to be shared. 

 5. Mailpoet newsletter 

This plugin helps you create a newsletter without leaving the WordPress admin. 

It provides dynamic templates to choose from. Here you can customize your pop-up newsletter sign up page for the new users. This newsletter works flawlessly on all the devices. 

You can schedule the newsletter or even send it in real-time. It all depends on son your customization. 


  • It creates and adds a newsletter for your website. 
  • It manages your subscribers and subscribes list on the WordPress 
  • It creates and newsletter to your websites. 
  • It generates automated signup emails to welcome new users. 
  • In the premium version, it allows a deep level of insight on your audiences. 

 6. Coschedule 

It is the only plugin that allows your whole team to work in one place. It is one of the agile products by WordPress that can really help you to complete and deliver projects on time. 

It summarizes each and every detail of the project and see-through that the project is running as planned or not. This way the team can really keep the pace to complete the work on time. 

CoSchedule is the fastest-growing solution for mid-market and enterprise companies seeking a unified marketing platform. 


  • It has a google chrome extension 
  • It has a built-in headline analyzer. 
  • Write your content in Evernote (or Google Docs) and convert it into WordPress with a single click. 

 7. User switching 

This plugin allows you to switch between the accounts with just one click. You will be instantly be logged out from the current account and will be logged in the new user account. This all happens with just one click. 

This really helps when you are working on the same project with two different accounts. You can easily swap between accounts with just one click. 


  • You can easily switch to the new user. 
  • You easily switch back to the previous user. 
  • Switching the accounts is completely secure. 
  • Compatible with WordPress, WordPress Multisite, WooCommerce, BuddyPress, and bbPress. 


If WordPress is the body then there are no wrong saying plugins as the arms and leg of the body. Without these plugins, you can really feel hopeless sometimes. Believe me, I have felt quite a number of times when I first started using WordPress. Until I came to know about these lifesaver plugins. 

This list is totally based on my opinion. It’s up to the user who decides which plugin will be useful. In my case, I really think that the image optimization plugin is the best. Because I have an image-based website. 

Where on the other hand user switching can someone’s favorite because of their multiple accounts. 

Ariana Smith

Ariana enjoys blogging and nurtures interest on all most all topics. She contributes in many reputed blogs, social platforms and makes her living as a content writer. She is the founder of Tech Net Deals & Tech Trends Pro