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criminal background check
By MICHELLE CARTER 1,684 views

Better Criminal Background Check For Your Employment

Doing a criminal background check on prospective employees keeps you and your business safe. It also helps to keep your business reputable. It is safer to know who your applicants are and their personalities. A background check will let you know about your worker’s previous work history. If they had bad work ethics and behaviors in the previous workplace, it’ll show.

It will influence your decision-making process towards your staff.

Do not depend on your applicants to give you their criminal background check themselves. They might provide you with a false background check to make them look good. It is a known fact that some people can do anything to get a job. They can falsify their identities and documents. Although if this happens, you can sue them for providing false documents.

To do a background check yourself, contact the services of a criminal background check firm. The firm must comply with all the background checking protocols and be reputable.

A Screening Firm

A screening firm searches all over the place by following tips that can lead to information about the worker. They go through official and unofficial records of the person they are searching for.

The checks uncover arrest warrants (active or not), ongoing criminal proceedings, juvenile records, and so on. They do not provide a false background check.

Importance of Employee Criminal Background Check

Court Files Are Easily Accessible:

The advantages of using a background checking firm include speed, accuracy, and detailed profiling. The firm will work faster to get every court detail of the worker. The firm will search all the courthouses at all levels for the worker’s information. No matter how big or small the criminal charges maybe, they’ll be brought to light. A checking firm has the digital tools, manpower, and resources to make this possible. The digital tools make it easy to make automated searches of a worker in the criminal file database. It takes less time and effort to get the results digitally. Most digital tools use Artificial Intelligence to match the personal details of a worker to a criminal record. If any records are found, the results are more than 90 percent accurate.

Report Analysis:

A criminal screening firm helps your organization understand the data gathered about your staff. The firm helps you analyze the report so that you can know what to do.

Provide Reliable Information About Your Applicants:

Criminal Background check enable you to verify the identity of your applicants. As an employer, you can make decisions based on these verifications. You will be able to trust and feel safe with your applicants if their identities are genuine. Your organization will be a place where the staff can rely and depend on each other.

Thorough criminal record verification can also give you additional benefits. They are:

  • Risks mitigation
  • A safe working environment for the applicants and clients.
  • Assets protection
  • Maintain your business reputation among your clients and society.
  • Protect you from employment problems.
  • Ensure you are compliant with employment law and background check regulations.

Types of Criminal Offenses

Criminal charges are divided into more than two groups based on the severity of the crime. The more serious the case is, the harsher the punishment given to the offender.


Felony is a serious offense that can land the offender in jail. Felons are kidnappers, murderers, rapists, robbers, arsonists, and so on.


A misdemeanor is not as serious as a felony. Offenders are mostly fined or incarcerated. Misdemeanor offenders are petty thieves, trespassers, rowdy behavior, rowdy drunkards, vandalizers, and so on.

Types of Criminal Background Check

Local Area Background Check:

The firm has agents that are sent to the local area of the worker. The agents can go to the local courts physically to get the data. Another easier option is to go to the court’s website and search online.

State Background Check:

The screening rep goes to the state of residence of the worker. He checks out his criminal history at the state court. If the worker has ever been convicted before, it’ll be on the state records.

Federal Background Check:

If a criminal record of a person appears in a federal record, then the crime is serious. You won’t find the records in any court apart from the federal court. You can find out if your worker has committed federal crimes here.

Civil Background Check:

This is done to know if an applicant has or had a civil case in court.

International Background Check:

This is a worldwide background check on your applicant. The search is done to know if the applicant has a criminal record outside the country. Even if the offense committed in a foreign country is minor, it will show here.

It prevents you from unknowingly employing an applicant with a serious criminal offense. On the other hand, you may decide to take the risk of employing someone with a criminal record. The background check would prepare you for any situation that might occur.


Do a thorough employee check so that you won’t put yourself, your business, and others in danger? Even if a candidate comes highly recommended, go ahead with a criminal background check.

Michelle Carter

Working as a Marketing Advisor for a legal firm, assist them with marketing planning, ads, direct marketing, and campaigns. Design marketing materials such as brochures and advertisements.