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UX design
By KRISTEN SMITH 400 views

How Can better UX Design help E-Commerce Stores make more money?

User experience can be defined as the process to increase the satisfaction level of the web visitors and online customers for a business. Running an e-commerce website is not uncommon for the modern businesses these days. Every business wants to make its website to appear more attractive. So, a significant amount of time, money and effort has been dedicated to user interface design. Alongside user interface (UI), we need to take care of user experience (UX). Giving good experience to the web visitors will help you to attain better brand value and better sales figure.

There are certain ways of enhancing the user experience, and those ways have been discussed below. Following these tips for enhancing user experience will help your business to do significantly well in terms of enhancing brand value and increasing the overall business profitability.

  1. An Inviting Home Page

The most important thing is to craft an inviting home page for your business. It should look perfectly crafted and neatly designed. The home page should give a warm welcome to the web visitors. But, at the same time, it must be informed. From the home page, one should get a clear idea about your business. You should inform clients how your business works and how customers can be benefitted if they purchase the products on your website. When visitors understand how your business functions and what they need to do to order products online, their satisfaction level gets increased to an optimum level. To make the homepage more appealing, you can follow the tips as provided below:

  • The interface should be perfectly designed.
  • The most important content of the website should find a place on the home page.
  • The logo of the business should be linked to the home page.
  1. The Loading Speed of Your Website

According to various independent research and studies, it has been found that the loading speed of the website is the main reason behind the lagging performance of the online business. Loading speed can be enhanced with better website hosting service. As a business owner, you need to find a professional service provider which offers exclusive website hosting packages. Preferably, you should go for dedicated hosting packages instead of choosing a shared hosting service. Shared hosting is slow and not enough secured. It is not recommended for the professional e-commerce store websites. Instead of shared hosting, you need to go for dedicated website hosting for better hosting results.

  1. Breathing Space

User experience will be enhanced if your website comes with enough breathing space. It means your website should have enough blank space so that web contents can be read properly. When there is no breathing area between the contents, people tend to get confused. Nevertheless, they do not understand website contents properly. Due to all these reasons, you need to be careful in terms of making your website content more seamless or effortless. Professional website designers understand the importance of giving good breathing space. On the other hand, nonprofessional designers often do not add the required breathing area, and that decreases the overall user experience for the web visitors.

  1. Call to Action

For better UX design, call to action buttons should be added to the website interface. Call to action is an important thing. It can potentially change the overall business profitability drastically if used in the perfect way. You need to encourage the website visitors to do certain things so that they can reach one step closer to buying products from your e-commerce website. Call to action should be added meticulously. They must be appealing, not rude or over promotional. Call to action is not begging anything too. It is a matter that everyone should understand with precision.

  1. Infographics

To enhance the user experience, you need to think about constructive as well as interactive contents. The contents should be appealing and at the same time easy to understand. It would be an exaggeration to say that all leading businesses are using infographics these days for business marketing. Using them has certain benefits. Firstly, the infographic is a perfect mix of text content and images. It helps to explain complicated things more seamlessly. It helps to explain difficult things more accurately. Through pictorial representation and text contents, different complicated processes have been explained in an easier as well as more interactive style.

  1. Explainer Videos

Using the right explainer videos is the most effective way of promoting a business. Different kinds of videos can be used for generating the content leads. Having embedded videos on the website will help the users to gain a better experience with online purchases. For example, let us consider that your e-commerce store sells some gadgets. Having videos on how to use these gadgets will help the potential buyers to understand that in a better manner. Due to this reason, your business shall start performing well.

  1. Search Button Incorporation

It is always good to have a search field with the website so that users or web visitors can find the products that they need without any hassles. In many cases, online businesses or e-commerce stores have a large category for the products. Since the category list is quite vast, it is difficult to locate a good product in that list. As a result, users go searching. Using the search tool has many benefits in the offering. It helps in to find the correct product within a few seconds. The Google-powered search field can also be added to the website.

  1. Complete Contact Information and Map

It is important to mention complete contact information on the home page or contact page of the website. Basically, contact information is required for the purpose to appear more trustworthy before others. You need to make your business authentic or genuine by giving the physical location on the Google map. Typically Google map is embedded or screenshot of the map has been shared on the website for the convenience of the users or web visitors.


At conclusion note, it has to be stated that online businesses do well on the basis of the appearance of the website. The interface, as well as user experience, should be a seamless and top notch.

Kristen Smith

Kristen Smith is a Professional writer. She has written many articles on Technology, Business, Finance, and Lifestyle.