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Big data analysis and artificial intelligence are really popular careers in the field of data science. Professionals who are involved in this field have the necessary know-how to manipulate data and make models to solve complicated problems that require repetitive statistical processes. Since companies are facing a data crisis and overflowing amounts od information, it is crucial that they employ data analysts, scientists, and engineers to make sense of the vast amount of information. These individuals are qualified enough to rearrange, modify, and transform unorganized data into more comprehensible formats. They are also able to find patterns, trends, and clues in the data itself, which may not be obvious to untrained officials.

With so many applications, data science and big data analysis are one of the most trending and interesting careers for employees to get into. The only requirement is to be able to pass the steep learning curve, getting acquainted with the various databases, using programming languages such as Python, R, and MATLAB, and communicating analysis reports with the firm’s stakeholders so that they have enough insights to take further steps and eliminate the issues they are facing. Having done all of this, getting certified is a great way to begin your data science career and to get noticed by recruiters for your desired job. There are several big data analysis certifications that are being offered by reputed companies, including IBM and Google. Individuals can decide what job role they want to start with and slowly inch their way towards the goal. In this article, we will discuss some of the handiest certifications to work hard for in 2020.


IBM is one of the leading companies in the field of data analysis. They have designed their own cloud analysis resource called the Watson Studio, which is powerful enough to conduct big data analysis online with capable servers. The Big Data Architect certification proves that the candidates can use these resources to make machine learning models that process a vast amount of data to give the desired results to the client. They can integrate several statistical and econometric tools to perform business analytics, make industry-specific solutions, and build usable products for their customers.


Cloudera is known as the first company to utilize resources such as Hadoop to conduct business around big data analysis. The Data Engineer certification is one of the most valuable accreditations out there since it not only comes from a reputable company but also has the training routines available to aid the interested candidate. The individuals have to work with Cloudera’s CDH integrated development environment to conduct data analysis and engineer solutions for the clients.


By using MapR academy courses seriously, interested candidates can earn themselves a developer certificate. It helps individuals qualify as professionals trained with MapReduce methodology and writing Java programs using MapR API. They are capable of monitoring said programs, testing, and debugging them. This is another vendor-specific data analysis certification that makes use of a certain methodology than a cloud processing IDE.


Google Cloud Professionals (GCPs) are trained officials who can make use of Google’s own cloud technology to analyze essential data and information to make useful tools. The certified individuals work with companies to solve their information asymmetry issues and provide solutions. They make use of tools such as Google Analytics and Cloud. Some of the biggest applications of this technology include medical assistance such as MDInsider and online web design solutions by companies like Qubit.


Hortonworks is another reputed big data analysis that followed the footsteps of Cloudera. They conduct their own certification programs in the domain and utilize technologies such as Apache Hadoop. Unlike Cloudera, Hortonworks does not provide the necessary training and relies on judgment based on individual knowledge. However, the company does allow passing candidates to work with their own cloud environment called the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP). There are also certain courses available on the company website which do not provide practical knowledge but help candidates to self-learn tactics and skills to pass the accreditation exam.

Apart from all these titles, there are independent certificates and training routines by sources such as Simplilearn, who help individuals to learn the necessary skills of the field to build their own usable systems. They can then prove their knowledge regarding big data analysis to the firms using their own customer-friendly and usable projects. Individuals can always choose the level of difficulty of their own career, and earning a certificate is certainly the easier gateway into data science job openings.

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