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BMW Service
BMW Service
By AMELIA VARLEY 1,705 views

BMW Service Inclusive Packages

With the BMW service inclusive packages, you do not have to worry about any maintenance costs. The BMW services make sure to include all the necessary services in their packages. This helps us in making sure that we receive the best of the BMW experience without having to worry about the maintenance costs. These services are available for both the used and new BMW cars. These are also available worldwide to all the BMW customers. If you happen to sell off your BMW, the services are also transferred for their use. Hence, this also helps us in increasing the value of our BMW. It is important we utilize these BMW services as they play a great role in keeping our car in its top-notch condition and also allow us to make the best out of the BMW experience.


BMW Service Inclusive

This package includes all maintenance work, including any change of parts required or oil change. The maintenance work includes engine oil services; vehicle checks; and servicing or replacement of air filter, micro filter, spark plugs, and brake fluids.

BMW Service Inclusive Plus

This package also covers all maintenance work and additional wear and tear including any changes required in the BMW parts. The maintenance work includes engine oil services; vehicle checks; and servicing or replacement of air filter, micro filter, spark plugs, and brake fluids. They also offer replacements of brake pads, brake discs, clutch, and wiper blades (once a year).

BMW Service
BMW Service


BMW Inspection

This type of BMW Service is extremely important to ensure continued performance of your BMW. The BMW inspection services ensure you that your BMW is working perfect and giving you peace of mind and satisfaction. The highly qualified BMW service specialists go through each and every minor detail of your car and meticulously check into each and every detail.  They perform the necessary tasks to keep the BMW standards intact. The BMW inspection covers these services micro filter change, engine oil change and brake fluid change.

BMW Engine Oil Service

This type of BMW service implies more than just oil change service. These services go beyond oil changing and offer the BMW owners much more added services. This helps us in guaranteeing that the motor will have a longer life and will also perform better. There are various additional services that we get. These services include changing and replacing the oil filter, replacing the engine oil with premium BMW oil, replacing ignition plugs every second BMW oil service and replacing the air and fuel filters every third BMW oil service. You can easily get a detailed version of the work, which can be sought from your local BMW service centers.

BMW Service
BMW Service

BMW vehicle checks

This type of BMW service ensures that every aspect of your car has been checked thoroughly. These ensure that they are prepared for every occasion. The various types of checks available like a Holiday Check – especially for those going on a break. Then there is also the BMW Seasonal Check, BMW Light Check, Summer Check, Pre-monsoon Check, BMW AC Check, and BMW Safety Check.

These BMW services are extremely beneficially for our use and help the company as their unique selling points. These never fail to give you peace of mind and make the most of your investment. These services are also very essential for the smooth functioning of your BMW and ensuring that the standards of the BMW are maintained throughout. They also help you once your car has aged and needs much more attention. As the BMW company says “Life is full of surprises. Not your Service costs.”

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