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Finalizing the one from many of the numerous best boarding schools in India for your child would be a feat to achieve. But it is not as difficult as you may imagine. There are some simple guidelines that you will have to follow and you would land up with some great options that will help you decide.

How To Decide?

You will have to put all the available boarding schools in few categories and then compare them to different standards. Whosoever scores more points, shall be the one where your child will study.

  1. IB or CBSE or ICSE: There are three different boards of schools in India, by which most of the schools run their education program. The state board of education usually provides a fundamental kind of education that is good to learn the basics of everything and get the certificates, but not a wholesome education. IB stands for International Baccalaureate, which offers 4 variety of programs targeting the global requirement of student’s education through high-quality as well as challenging education. CBSE stands for Central Board of Secondary Education, which is a country-level education board in India, meant to be followed in private and public schools; but largely governed by the Indian Union Government. ICSE stands for Indian Certificate of Secondary Education, it is run by the private non-government agency in India for 10th class matriculation examination and upwards. It is made to fulfil the 1986 Education policy recommendations.
  2. Location: There are best boarding schools located at mountain regions as well as in metropolitan cities of India. Some parents prefer their children to go to a boarding school that is ranked best irrespective of its location. But if the child has to visit his home or the parents has to go see the child every weekend or once in a fortnight, then the best and closest location boarding school is advised. However, if the parents are staying abroad and the child has to be in an Indian boarding school then any of the top boarding school locations should do.
  3. Activities: The extracurricular activities other than the school curriculum is to be taken note of. This is essential because there is a good lot of time available in the hand of the child to learn some great skills, such as swimming, horse-riding, driving or motorcycle riding; to name a few. There are drama groups in the boarding schools which lets the child explore their performing arts talents. Some children want to brush their sports skills such as cricket, football, golf, hockey, boxing and so on. Thus, there has to be adequate opportunity for the child to learn something worthwhile other than studies; in the boarding school. IB school in India have those facilities.
  4. Safety: The boarding IB school in India are well known for their safety, but if other schools have better safety protocols for the child in combination with the facilities that the parents desire, then they must only choose the best. However, the safety protocols of a boarding school has to be closely observed and cross-checked because it is vital.

Once all the above are matched and the cost of boarding school admission as well as the annual fee is calculated, the decision can be easily made.

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