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What do you call a boat without a propeller?

 Dead in the water. Your boat is only as useful as the propeller in, on, or beneath it. Your boats’ propeller has a difficult job, spinning for hours on end, cutting through the water, seaweed, and more. Therefore, it’s essential that you are keeping up with the maintenance and cleaning of your boat; this includes the boat propellers.

 If you are curious about the best ways to maintain your boats’ propeller look no further! Below are the best ways to make sure you are cutting through the water with no delay.

Boat Propellers: Look First

You don’t want to end up stranded at sea, do you?

 It’s important to always check your boats’ propeller first thing before getting in to go on the water. Boat propellers are going to get scratches, knicks, and gouges over time, so it’s vital that you inspect the damage every time. Your boat won’t always incur damage, but you need to be sure that this time isn’t the time.

 If your boat has either too much pitch or not enough pitch, this may be a sign that the propeller needs to be fixed or replaced. Too much pitch and your boat won’t accelerate as it should. Too little pitch will damage the engine by causing acceleration too much too quickly.

 Boat propellers can also be damaged naturally by coming in contact with something in the water. If the propeller is bent or gashed it can affect its ability to propel the boat, and should be fixed!

What Can You Do?

Be one with the boat.

It sounds silly, but the better you know your boat and boat propellers, the better you can tell if there is an issue. Just like when driving a car, if you notice that your boat speed or fuel efficiency has changed, this can be a sign that the propeller is working overtime and may need replacing.

Likewise, if the boat seems to be vibrating weirdly, this can also be a tell-tale sign of an impending issue.

Another tip to remember is to take your propeller off every once in a while. Fishing line, seaweed, or other material may get tangled up and may be stopping it from turning to its full potential. Always make sure to inspect the propeller with the kill switch appropriately removed. Be safe!

If you want to do preventative care for your boat propellers after you clean it, make sure to use waterproof grease for the shaft. This will help to stop the corrosion of your propeller.

You are Ready!

Carry a spare!

Boat propellers are like car tires; good maintenance makes for better performance! It’s crucial that you inspect your boat propellers and are keeping up with any damage to the prop. Without this, you could be in trouble, so check for corrosion, fishing line, and damage regularly.

No matter what type of propeller or part you need, you can find it here at Delta Propeller Company. Now it’s time to get out the water!

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