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bond of cleaning
By JOE MAILLET 355 views

How much is a bond Clean Brisbane?

Tenants get to stress about their bond money as soon as the lease comes to an end. Many tenants spend a lot of money to buy cleaning tools and vacuum cleaners to clean the full property. But many of them might damage some items in the home during the cleaning process. This will reduce the amount of bond deposit that the tenants would have got from the homeowners.

Rates of bond cleaning in Brisbane 

If you have 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms home in Brisbane, the bond of cleaning Melbourne costs between $280 and $430. These rates include everything from washing the floors to bathroom cleaning tasks. Similarly, if you have 2 bedroom houses, the charge of bond cleaning is about $400. For 1 bedroom home, the cost is about $335.

You can also take hourly bond cleaning packages if your budget permits. But taking the full bond cleaning package is more beneficial than the hourly package.

Why must one choose a bond cleaning option?

It becomes a tricky job to clean the full home before a few days of leaving the rental property. But the professionals have a long experience in cleaning the different sizes of rental properties. So, it is a wise decision to book the end of lease cleaning option because of the following points:

  •       End of the lease cleaning team is skilled and efficient in handling cleaning job
  •       They use eco-friendly cleaning tools and advanced vacuum cleaners to clean the home
  •       You can get a clean property within a few hours from the professionals
  •       They also help you to get bond money from the landlords
  •       You can create your good image in front of homeowners and new tenants
  •       Professional cleaners clean the home with accuracy and efficiency

What does bond cleaning service include?  

Bond cleaning means the cleaning of the full home before leaving a rental property. The checklist of bond cleaning companies is as under:

  •       Cleaning of windows of all the rooms along with their glass
  •       Sweeping floors and mopping them using good solutions
  •       Cleaning of walls of the rooms and removing the stains
  •       Washing carpets, sofa covers, doormats, and curtains
  •       Cleaning of kitchen appliances such as fridge, oven, chimneys, gas stove, dishwasher, and grilling machines
  •       Wiping the kitchen cabinets, drawers, and shelves
  •       Washing the bathroom tiles and wiping the bathroom mirror, windows and drawers, bathtubs, sinks, taps, and showers
  •       Cleaning the toilet seat with powerful solutions
  •       Cleaning of laundry, taps, and sinks with safe solutions
  •       Removing garbage from the home

How does bond cleaning service work?

Today, it is very simple to book the service of bond cleaning for the home. You have to take the following steps:

  1. You should first call the bond cleaning team and tell the date and slot that you want for cleaning.
  2. After selecting the date and slot, you need to pick the right package and make payment using a card.
  3. The team will confirm your order and arrive at your place on the same day or the next day and clean the full house.
  4. Finally, you can share your reviews about the quality of work on the official site. 
Joe Maillet

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