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Book Editing Services
By HEENA ANSARI 1,329 views

Different Types of Book Editing Services

There are hundreds of different kinds of books available in the market today, and a lot of authors and writers that are providing such content. While many writers generally stick to one genre (maybe romance, horror, spirituality, self-help, etc.), there are some that like to try their luck with different genres.

The process of writing a book is not an easy one. Sometimes, while reading one, it becomes quite easy to overlook the effort that went into it. The whole process includes research, analysis, creating a rough draft, editing, sending it to editors, dealing with copyright matters, etc. In all of this, editing holds a lot of importance since it prepares the manuscript for final publishing.

What is Editing?

Editing can relate to a lot of areas such as photography, videography, music, movies, etc. but when it comes to the written word, it refers to improving the overall quality of the work. It involves going over the content, correcting any grammatical or factual errors, rearranging words, sentences or paragraphs, changing the wordings, cutting out or adding in certain portions, etc., all with the intentions of making sure that the content is free from any inaccuracies and more engaging and interesting. No matter how sure you are of what you have written, it would be nothing short of stupid if you don’t get it edited. An editor must have an understanding of the subject at hand and must also have an eye for detail, so nothing goes unnoticed.

Different Book Editing Services

As a content writer or editor, there are a variety of book editing services you can offer. When doing said work, you must very carefully go over the entire content and be sure to not miss anything. You must also have a certain amount of knowledge regarding the genre that you are dealing with so that you can offer some insights. There are many book editing services that can make the whole process a lot easier and faster. Here are some book editing services you can offer: –

  • Developmental Editing or Preparations: A book cannot really be written without having a clear idea of what it should be about and what the elements are that need to be added to it. Only once all the necessary information is collected and the ideas formulated, can you begin to write. There is an extensive amount of research that goes into writing a book, especially one that seeks to include facts, whether historical, related to art, politics or world affairs, geography, etc. As part of developmental editing, you would work with the author of the book and devise a proper strategy, which includes going over the storyline, discussing the presentation and organization of the content, go over all the research material, offer an insight into the storyline or suggest a few changes and preparing a draft or manuscript, which will serve as the base for more concrete content.
  • Manuscript Editing: Once all the ideas are compiled into a more comprehensible text, and the storyline is incorporated, it is important to go over the whole content. This process includes making sure that the content is coherent and easy to understand, shifting sentences, paragraphs or even chapters to improve the presentation and the flow of the text such that it makes more sense, rewriting certain portions in a more interesting way or simply correcting certain errors, etc. Not only that, you would need to go over the actual storyline or the subject matter of the book and make sure that everything is factually correct and that there are no inaccuracies or plot holes.
  • Copy or Line Editing: This might seem the exact same as manuscript editing, but it is not. One of the most important book editing services is copy editing since it involves going over the entire draft and manuscript after incorporating all the changes, additions or elimination, shuffling paragraphs and chapters, correcting grammatical errors, etc. You would need to go over the whole content bit by bit and ensure that everything makes sense and isn’t all jumbled up. You need to make sure that there are no grammatical or punctuation errors, go over the presentation of each chapter, the titles, font sizes, and styles, etc. You need to read it thoroughly, and from the point of view of a reader and bring up any doubts or loopholes so that the adequate changes can be made while preparing the final draft. What makes copy editing different from the others is that it also requires you to ensure that you can publish any copyrighted material and that you cross-check all references, credits, and other such elements.
  • Proofreading: This is perhaps the last step before the book is actually published, given that all the other criteria are met, and formalities completed. Once you have prepared the final draft of your book, do not send it for publishing right away! That would be a blunder. It is important to go over the entire book one more time, with a fresh pair of eyes, and with an open mind, so that you can spot any small errors such as in spellings, grammar, punctuations, spacing, fonts, etc. If you do not make it a point to proofread your content before sending it ahead, any errors or glitches will be published and will be out in the open for everyone to read, and that is something you do not want.

 The process of writing a book to actually publishing it for the whole world to read is a lengthy and complicated one. There are many steps involved in it, ranging from getting the idea to executing it out on paper, dealing with copyrights and editors, etc. The editing procedure of a book is highly important since it makes sure that the content is appropriately organized and ready for the public to read. To make sure that your book turns out perfect, there are many book editing services in India to choose from that will get the work done in minimum time and with maximum accuracy.

Heena Ansari

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