Nobody in the world can deny that construction is a highly complex activity, and it requires the cooperation of different teams to finish a project effectively. From preparing the site, ordering raw materials, and arranging experienced construction professional to carrying out onsite activities, everything requires a lot of efforts. As a building contractor, once you finish the preconstruction activities effectively, you then have to be accountable for managing onsite construction. Conveying concrete in far-flung areas within a construction site is one of the things that you have to focus a lot.

And one of the best ways to streamline that particular task is to use concrete pumping. It is nothing but a term that stands for supplying liquid concrete to different parts of a construction site with the help of concrete pumps.

There are two types of concrete pumps, boom pumps, and line pumps. Let’s focus on them one by one.

Boom Pumps 

Quite popular among builders across the world, boom pumps are high-end concrete pumps that help in placing concrete in different areas within a construction site. These are the best tools for conveying concrete to its location in the fastest way possible. To maintain high precision while placing concrete; boom pumps use a robotic arm, known as a boom.

Line Pumps

Often placed on trailers, line pumps are also very popular in construction. Also known as trailer-mounted concrete pumps, line pumps need concrete placing hoses to convey concrete. The hoses that we are talking about are quite flexible, but you have to attach them manually to the machine. To move concrete to far-flung areas, you have to connect those hoses.

Now let’s look at the difference between boom pumps and line pumps. 

  • Boom pumps are ideal for large-scale construction projects, whereas line pumps are perfect for smaller projects
  • Boom pumps pump concrete at high volumes whereas line pumps pump it at lower volumes
  • Boom pumps use a remote-controlled robotic arm for placing concrete whereas line pumps use concrete placing hoses for the same
  • You use boom pumps for laying concrete when line pumps can’t meet your needs

Benefits of using concrete pumps 

They Help in Saving Time 

There are several benefits of using concrete pumps, but one of the most significant among them is they help in saving your time. And if you manage to save your time, you end up finishing your project on time.

They Make Your Work Effortless

Concrete pumps are excellent for transferring concrete to various areas within the construction site. When compared to traditional methods of conveying concrete, they make your work way too simpler. No matter how far a location is where you need to place the concrete, using these tools will help you finish your work quickly.

They Help in Reducing Wastage 

The use of wheelbarrows for supplying concrete to its exact location used to result in a lot of wastage. Besides, construction workers also used to get tired like anything because it requires extensive efforts. However, by embracing, construction professionals have managed to solve such problems. Their use has reduced the wastage of concrete to a great extent.

Apart from that, using concrete pumps also help in saving money because they play a considerable role in reducing wastage.

Now let’s discuss a little bit about how to find a reliable company for hiring concrete pumps. 

Before hiring concrete pumps from any company, you have to consider several factors. For example, you need to look for a firm that has a good reputation, extensive experience, and maintains high-professionalism. Besides, it should also offer concrete pumps at cost-effective rates.

To conclude, both boom pumps and line pumps help in placing concrete to its exact location. The primary difference between them is the former is ideal for large projects whereas the later is suitable for small projects.

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