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By JOE MAILLET 1,590 views

Tips to Help Boost Baby’s Brain Development

When a child is born, it’s said that their brains have over 1 billion neurons. That’s like the number of stars in the Milky Way! By the time the child is of about a year’s age, they develop over a trillion neurons and brain cell connections.

We must admit that this is impressive; that’s why the secret when it comes to brain wiring, is to either use it or lose it. Synapses that are considered “unwired” in the child’s brain over the years are pruned while the child is in school.

Psychologically, a baby’s brain doesn’t have enough hard wiring to learn various languages. However, they still have more neurons than an adult brain, which makes them more vulnerable. Because of this, it’s useful to offer a loving language-oriented experience for your baby’s development. With this, you’ll provide numerous opportunities for the brain cell connections to be wired together hence enabling the development of your baby’s brain.

Let’s delve more into how to stimulate baby brain development – you’ll find out that just having the best learning toys for toddlers is not all that’s required, there’s plenty more you can do!

Bottle or Breast-Feeding Your Baby

Feeding your baby is considered among the best methods of bonding, and it influences your child’s brain development. It doesn’t require much effort. As you’re feeding your child, talk and smile to him/her. Also, respond and repeat the baby’s coos; by doing so, you will offer the child a chance for brain development in a way that they can both start and hold a conversation. If you are bottle-feeding, have the child around your chest height so that he/she can easily focus on you.

 Singing for the Baby

Singing is considered among the best 1-year-old baby brain development activities. As part of your child’s brain development, singing can introduce new vocabulary for the baby to acquire. Rhyming, as you sing, is considered helpful for the baby’s brain development in reading.

Changing Diapers

Changing your baby’s diaper is not every parent’s most desired chore, but on the bright side, it’s helpful when it comes to brain development. As you are changing your toddler’s diapers, take advantage, and introduce language. You can do this by talking to him/her regarding what you’re doing and what you’re going to do next. With time, as you do this chore in a precise manner, your baby will undergo brain development and expect a specific pattern.

 Periods of Bathing

It’s not just about keeping your baby clean, but it’s the perfect time for the baby’s brain developmental process to learn about math and science. Toddlers usually find it fascinating and fun as they pour water while bathing. Again, they will learn how gravity works as they observe the volume of water as they play with baby brain development toys like a rubber duck. Bathing also offers an excellent time for one to interact with their baby, for you get to sing songs and play games like peekaboo. With such an activity, your baby will undergo proper language development.

Shopping with Your Baby

As you are shopping with your toddler in the mall, it is tempting to keep them busy with a phone or tablet. Instead, let the baby learn something from that activity. You can improve his/her brain development by calling out colors or counting out loud the number of items you are placing in your shopping cart.

Having a Nature Walk

Going for a walk is advantageous since there are many things your child can see and learn from. From birds to the squirrels running about the trees, there are limitless things that you can point out to your child and in the process, assist in their brain development. Such activities are regarded to be among the best solutions to the question of how to develop baby brain in the first year.

During Meals

Children globally love playing this game while sitting in their high chairs. It’s called drop the items on the floor, and it includes food, toys, or spoons. They do this to see what happens when they land on the floor. Also, during meal times, as a parent, you can take advantage of teaching your baby on various food textures and the difference between a hot and cold meal as a way of brain development.

During Sleeping Time

Another useful method of boosting your baby’s brain cell development is by either reading a fairy tale or singing a lullaby. Since the birth of the child, always ensure that you read bedtime stories for your toddler. According to research, babies undergo development fast under a secure attachment. Hence, during bedtime, they can fall asleep after a story and have their brains developed for another day of adventure and discovery.


As parents, we all want the best for our toddlers, and that’s why parents play a huge role in baby brain development stages. Boosting your baby’s brain development may seem like an uphill task, that’s why we hope that in this article, you’ve learned much concerning baby brain development.

With that, are you conversant with various ways on how to improve baby brain development during pregnancy? Leave your comments below.

Joe Maillet

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