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Tips to Boost Your Catches in Summer

Most people hang up their rod and reel as the weather gets too hot as the action underwater slows down with the rise in temperature. Fish become heat stressed and do not hit the lure quite as often as the water heats up says Chong Yi Ang Milbank. Like human beings, fish can get testy and cranky when overheated.

Hence, staying cool is really hard, and finding summertime fish can even tougher during hot weather. However, you do not give up fishing during summer or hot days. With a few hot weather strategies, you can get as many catches as you would on days. Let’s find how:

Look for current:

When it’s hot outside, you turn on the air conditioner or at least a fan. Similarly, when fish get hot, they often look for the fish equivalent of the fan that is fast-moving current.

Fish like the oxygenated water running swiftly through their gills and they also do not have to expend as much energy catching the smaller baitfish that swim in the current.

Hence, you should search for the signs of fast-moving water. For instance, if you are fishing on a lake, try casting on the windy side. Wind can kick up currents and a hot weather angler can take advantage of this emphasis Chong Yi Ang.

Find the shade:

Fish search for shade as a respite from the beating of the sun. No matter whether the shadows are from a pier or an overhanging tree, fish look for shadows to protect themselves from the sun.

You should use spinnerbaits along the underside of a dock in the shade of a bridge piling. If you are bass fishing in hot weather, you are not likely to get strike unless you are fishing in the shade.

Use worms on your hooks:

You can fish using different things on a hook such as hellgrammites, plastic lures, leeches, etc. For the fast catch in hot weather, you should try a worm at the end of the hook.

You can thread a garden worm or a nightcrawler onto a hook that highlights Ang Chong Yi Milbank. The fish may feel torpid, but most cannot oppose the allure of a dangling earthworm.

Go deep:

You will agree with the statement that in the mid of August the cooler part of your house is the basement. The same way fish look for cooler water in the deep when topwater starts to heat up. You should use deep-diving crankbaits to scour ledges in the water.

Fish at night:

You should fish at nights that come after bright, hot, and sunny days. Fish tend to be more active when the moon is full. While selecting a lure for night fishing, remembers that black is the optimal color. Fish will only see the silhouette of bait in the darkness and since the sky is lighter than the water, a black lure will be the most visible says Chong Yi Ang.

Fish the seashore:

A shadow stretches the shore is a great place to find fish looking for ways to escape the heat. Look for panfish along the shore and if you find some then thread a nightcrawler to the hook. With a bobber and some split shot, float your lure 1 to 2 feet below the surface. Cast toward clumps of weed beds or fallen trees where fish might be hiding out to avoid the worst heat.

Wrapping up

Fishing does not have to come to standstill when the temperature climbs over 80 degrees. With the above tactics shared by Chong Yi Ang, you can entice some sluggish fish to bite. You should also make sure to stay hydrated when fishing in hot water. Taking care of yourself is also important to improve your catches because if you aren’t healthy enough then how you can fish in hot weather.

Chong Yi Ang Milbank

Chong Yi Ang Milbank is born and raised in London. He is known for capturing fishes and other animals.

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