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Lovely lady brushing her long beautiful hair in front of mirror at bathroom
By JOE MAILLET 1,674 views

5 Ways to Boost Hair Growth and Get Healthier Hair

Hair plays an essential role in your appearance. As such, healthy, beautiful hair enhances your look, and on the other hand, unhealthy hair gives you an awful appearance. There are many causes of unhealthy hair. For starters, if you have been under a lot of stress lately, some of your hair is likely to fall off, giving the remaining hair an unhealthy look. Besides, some treatments and hairstyles also play a significant role in unhealthy hair formation. Fortunately, there are many remedies to help your hair grow, which leaves you with healthy hair, enhancing your natural appearance.

Incorporate Essential Oils into Your Daily Routine

Primarily, essential oils are remarkable in promoting hair growth because they contain many elements that naturally stimulate the growth of hair. There are many types of essential oils that you can use to facilitate the development of natural hair. You can also try Allurium Beauty hair growth products. For instance, a pumpkin seed oil capsule is absolutely outstanding in promoting hair growth and keeping someone’s hair healthy.

A recent study involving the pumpkin oil capsule showed that after less than 24 weeks, people report up to a 40% increase in their hair growth after taking the capsule. Indeed, essential oils are beneficial in boosting hair growth and making hair healthier, and it would help if you start using them. Moreover, the Revan hair growth system is also helpful in promoting hair growth and you can look at Revan reviews online to decide if you’d like to give it a try.

Boost The Nutrients in Your Body

In truth, nutrients play a significant role in your body’s wellness, and it also plays a massive role in promoting healthy hair growth. Ideally, they do this by giving your body adequate energy to facilitate hair growth. Sometimes, your body may lack these essential minerals, which makes your hair unhealthy, and it may even start to fall off. Fortunately, it is possible to get supplements like omega oils, for instance, to boost your nutrient levels.

It would be best to look for supplements rich in zinc because a lack of zinc in the body mainly causes hair loss. Besides, taking zinc supplements will also enhance the beauty of your nails.

Scalp Massage

In general, a scalp massage is also essential in promoting hair growth, and it also gives you relaxation like no other. Besides, it also helps in making your hair healthier. Ideally, a scalp massage reduces muscle tension, which lowers blood pressure in the body, and reduces stress levels. Concurrently, while the scalp massage will help promote hair growth, it will also significantly reduce migraines. The list of benefits that comes from getting a scalp massage is endless.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment (PRP)

A PRP treatment can also boost hair growth, but dermatologists suggest that it should be the final action after trying almost everything with no success. Studies indicate that PRP treatment is effective in preventing hair loss. During this treatment, you will be injected with your platelets to accelerate growth and inhibit hair loss. You are given the treatment in the form of injections to the scalp, which effectively stimulates dormant follicles, creating space for more hair growth. These injections are given at least once every month for three months, and after this period, it is given at least once every six months so that it continues to be effective and can be done at clinics like Melbourne PRP hair loss clinic.

Hold The Heat

Exposing your hair to extreme heat may be the cause of your hair loss. The heat from hairdryers and straighteners can greatly damage your hair, causing significant hair loss. However, hair drying and straightening are also essential for your hair, and as such, it is impossible to avoid them completely. Therefore, you should ensure that you limit how often you expose your hair to heat not to get damaged. Furthermore, it would be best to reduce the hairdryer’s temperature to mitigate the damage done to your hair by the heat hair as well.

Additionally, hair protectants have been developed in recent times to protect hair against damage due to heat. They form an excellent barrier that preserves moisture in the hair, even when it is exposed to high temperatures. There are many such products online, and it would help if you got one.

Indeed, it is possible to prevent hair loss and boost the health of your hair. Follow the tips outlined in this piece to get remarkable results.

Joe Maillet

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