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Boost Your SEO
By MANSI RANA 931 views

How Contact and About Us Page Can Boost Your SEO?

Most of the website owners work more on the homepage and other most visited pages. They believe that only these pages are important to their visitors. But what about the two major but mostly ignored pages? Yes, we are talking about the “About Us” and “Contact” pages. Every top SEO company has is mostly missing this point. Nobody is talking about the SEO of the About Us and Contact page.

If no one is talking about it then how it can be important? Well, we don’t know why any top SEO company is not talking about it. But we can assure you that it is very important for every website. Below are a few of the major things about these pages. Let’s check these things and try to learn how to optimize the About Us and Contact pages.

Part 1: Start With General Things

Let’s start understanding the importance of About Us and Contact pages with general things. The most general things are transparency and wholesome.

Be Transparent

You must write about your company and the contact information with transparency. It will be easy to find your business online due to this. It will work not only for the visitors but for search engines also.

Provide Complete Information

Always try to provide complete information. As a top SEO company, we will always advise you to provide complete information on both of the pages. From emails, physical address, mobile number to your team members. Try to explain everything.

Part 2: Understand What Google Wants

These days search engine optimization means optimizing for Google because Google is the most popular engine in the world. So assume that we are working to impress Google. So it is important to understand what Google wants from you. Let’s figure it out.


Google always ranks higher on authentic websites. But how can you be authentic? It is simple. Become more authentic with the right information on the About Us and Contact pages. Google loves About Us and Contact pages. 

Valuable Information

Never try to fill up the About Us and Contact pages with just a piece of text. Try to provide useful and real information.

Something Natural

Always try to sound more natural to your audience while writing content on the About Us and Contact pages. 

Part 3: Optimize More Seriously

Now the next important part is to optimize the content of both of the pages. But along with the optimization, you must consider the quality of the content. 

Explain Your Service

Always try to explain your service on the About Us page. Try to elaborate more about your vision and goals.

Videos & Images Speak More

Videos and images are performing better than just text. Try to place some videos and photos on your About Us and Contact Us page. It will give you more options to optimize your pages. Along with it, your pages will look more authentic to Google. 

Maps Bring More Reality

Any SEO Company will surely do this. Placing a map location on your About Us or Contact Us page will be a lot more beneficial. Always try to do this if you can. 

Real Or No Testimonials

Testimonials are used by everyone these days to look more professional and real. But most of the people don’t use real testimonials. So the better advice you get from any top SEO company will be to use real or no testimonials. 


All these tips have two dimensions. The first dimension is about the quality of your About Us and Contact page. The second dimension talks about the optimization of these pages. As a top SEO company, one will advise you to take both of them seriously. SEO is important but quality is more important. So if you want the best results try to keep SEO and the content quality parallel to each other. 

Mansi Rana

With over 13 years experience as a leader in digital marketing, Mansi Rana is Managing Director of EZ Rankings - SEO Reseller Company. Passionate about all things data; providing actionable business intelligence in digital, future tech; and venture bubbles categories for everyone, everywhere.