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By LARA BUCK 1,294 views

Quick Tips to Take Care of your Boxers

Boxers for men are just a small piece of clothing, and hardly you would find people paying heed to their care and maintenance. After all, it’s not a formal suit that needs to be properly hung on the hangar and stored ideally for the next event, right? But do you know that your failure to care for your boxers can actually ruin their services? Yes, you have heard it right they need care too. So,

Here are a Few Tips that you can take into account to enjoy every pair of Boxers you Wear–

Washing it right

The thought of washing your boxers may sometimes tempt you to simply stash it inside the washing machine with the other laundry items, but this is what can actually tamper the quality of your boxers. This act often results due to lack of time which forces a person to toss the boxers inside the washing machine, ultimately resulting in early wear and tear. Your other laundry and boxers are not meant to go together inside the washing machine for a fast rub-and-dub session, as this can affect the longevity of the boxer. Thus, it is always a good idea to hand wash your boxers, or if at all you have to wash them in the washing machine, you can consider washing them separately in a gentle setting. You can also consider checking out the washing instruction on the tag of the boxer to be more accurate with the washing practices.

Safe storage

You might be a messy person and may love to throw your clothes here and there, and in such a case, your boxers might not be an exception. But safe storage is the essence of boxer’s care. You cannot expect your boxers to serve your long purpose if you have the habit of throwing them here and there and stashing them with other clothes. Boxers for men are not meant to be kept with your socks or any other random place that you might come across, or all you will end up in is a damaged pair of boxers. So store them safely by rolling them into a pile and organize them in a drawer to enhance their life and to be able to find one when you actually need to wear them rather than running out of your room shouting to your mom ‘Where are my boxers’?

Replacing them

Everything has a shelf life, and so do your boxers. You might be having boxers that should ideally have taken retirement from their services, but you still have them clinging on one side of your wardrobe. Boxers with holes, no elastic are a common thing to see in a lazy boy’s wardrobe, but there is no use in holding them back as they can look ugly. Hence, update your boxers when you feel that they are no longer serviceable.

Use quality boxers

Quality matters the most; buying inferior quality boxers will not give you the same feel and confidence as you would feel while wearing a quality pair. So don’t fall for cheap boxers and go in for ones that are of good quality and can breathe in confidence inside you while you don a pair of boxers for a casual outing.

Rotation is a must

Though it is needless to say to change your boxers and rotate them we know how boys are; their laziness sometimes can achieve milestones. It seems easy to wear the same boxers over and over again. But wearing the same boxers now and then can result in early wear and tear. So allow the other boxers in your drawers to get a chance to serve you rather than bullying a single pair to be at your service every time. This will give your favorite pairs a break and will also let them serve you for long.


We hope that we have given you enough tips to take care of your boxers the right way. Your boxers also deserve some care, just like your other menswear. So do not overlook their care constraints and take into account the above-mentioned care tips to make your boxers survive longer.

Lara Buck

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