Wedding is the best part of life. Or in other words, from this point, your life takes a new turn. It is the initiation of a new journey. You take the oath to spend the rest of life with loves ones.  Everyone wants to make this moment memorable. You select your bride maids, who will guide you in your entire wedding shopping. Choosing a wedding dress, ordering a wedding cake and purchasing a wedding ring is so much fun. Even writing down the unique wedding oath to show your love and care for your partner. Managing catering and selecting the venue for the wedding is so much fun. You put your all efforts in it. But when it comes to preserving this moment you hire the professional photographer but some time to be more personal you ask your friend to do this job for. But the next question is how to save these photos; the answer is CUSTOM BOXES.



We understand the wedding is your matter and you want to make it more personal by asking your friend to shoot your wedding pics and record the moment. But the next thing comes is how to present these beautiful memories? What are the other ways by which you can make the wedding album? All you need for it is the cardstock packaging or buy custom boxes. Get the custom boxes wholesale from the packaging company you can even customize it as per your requirements.

The beautiful ideas which you are going to see are the best for wedding photography boxes. if you are a professional photographer or not these ideas will surely blow your mind



You like the basic simple look for your wedding album and what to preserve it in a way that it gives the real feel than this book photo album with a message printed on it is the best for your wedding pictures. This album is perfect for your wedding, or you can even gift it to your grandparents. It is a plain color book made of thick cardboard and secures it in custom boxes. You can get them in any color and size. You can make it on your own and add your wedding photos in it. All you need is cardboard. But the question is where to get cheap cardboard boxes? You can get them from wholesale at reasonable rates or even ask the packaging company to do this job for you.



Why the old traditional design for your photography boxes. Let think of something creative a unique. Which will stand your wedding album out amongst others? This scrapbook ring binder idea will surprise your family and friends. All you need is to get custom boxes wholesale. Cut them in equal sizes in a square or rectangular shape. You can cut them the shape of your choice. Paste your photo on it along with the date or few lines about the wedding. But when you are buying the custom boxes from wholesale box companies, you can even ask them to emboss your picture on one box so that you can make the cover of the album. Even for the ring binder wedding album, you can even customize the album box. This idea is also best for professional photographers who want to add style in their wedding albums.



Why present the wedding album in a custom wedding box? This idea is which you will learn is different and unique. If you are a photographer, then get ready for this fantastic idea of the box. You can execute it in wood or also in cardboard boxes. All depend upon the client budget. Get the custom printed boxes wholesale from the wholesale box companies. But make sure you use a corrugated cardboard box for this purpose. If you are hiring the packaging company for this provide them each detail about the material you want the color you like and the printing. Provide them a sample for design. Once your customer gets their beautiful album in suitcase box, they will love it.



As we all know, that presentation is the key to anything. Giving the photo album to the newlywed couple should be in a way that shows best wishes for them. ASs a photographer it is your job to make the photo album presentable. This black magnet box for a wedding album is the best. You can print their photo as the cover photo on the album. Place the album in the box and ribbon this box beautifully and give it you your client. This idea looks simply, but it never goes wrong.

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Elizabeth Oomi
Elizabeth Oomi
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  • Nadhiya says:

    Various types of wedding photograph presentations are explained in this article. The unique feature and usage of each storage album are also given in this article. Wedding photographers can use this type of storage box for the wedding photographs it adds additional beauty to photographs. Customization to the customer’s needs will make it extra special.

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