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By AKASH CHAUHAN 3,704 views

What to Know Before Buying a Bracelet?

Accessorizing is one of the most intricate and beautiful tasks a woman can have. It is because of the passion, knowledge, and fashion sense involved. Women always try to look elegant and different with different types of accessories or jewelry to get a complete look. It is not always easy to get the correct desired look. Many women face the problem of exactly knowing which accessory to use and which to discard. 

Among many of the accessories which a woman adorns, a bracelet is one such piece that completes the look perfectly and even adds that extra grace to the look. Your hands are always the first thing that comes into notice because they’re always used first while greeting. Hence, it is even important to adorn your hands properly and precisely. For women who face difficulty while selecting an appropriate bracelet type, below are some of the tips for them to follow up while selecting the perfect bracelet piece for themselves:

1) Dress type:

It is always recommended that you should complement your accessories with the dress type. For example, while wearing traditional clothes, you can go for gold or silver-toned bracelets, whereas for western dresses, stone embedded or pearl bracelets would always go well. It also depends on your taste and comfort. Most bangle-type bracelets look good with traditional wear while chain types go with western outfits.

2) Wrist size:

Before buying a bracelet, you must measure your wrist perfectly. Ill-fitted or loose bracelets don’t bring up the grace and can spoil your whole look. Always purchase a bracelet that fits your wrist perfectly and is neither too tight nor loose. For those who are unsure of the wrist measurements, adjustable bracelets are always a good option. People with small wrists can take chain-type perfectly fitted bracelets to adorn and grace their overall look; whereas heavy wrists can be accessorized with bangle type or open-able bracelets.

3) Metal type:

Knowing the metal type is always necessary before purchasing a bracelet. Many women are allergic to specific metals and should look for them. Moreover, metal should be decided according to skin tone and dress color. People with warm undertones should prefer gold and people with cool undertones of skin should go for silver. If you’re purchasing pure gold or silver, do look for its purity.

4) The LOC rule:

The LOC rule applies even when you’re accessorizing yourself. Location, Occasion, and Company determine what you have to wear. For casual or official parties, go for simple chain bracelets which are super lightweight. A single or even double chain would do well with the overall look. Know the location where you’re wearing. For dates or parties, you can prefer some broad and heavy stoned bracelets or even bracelets with hanging pendants. Try to compliment your accessories with the overall look which balances it and never overdo it.

5) Stackable:

Before buying a bracelet, know whether it is stackable or not. It’s always a great idea to wear more than one bracelet piece to have a different yet complete look. Bracelet pieces of specific stones or pearls do not always allow you to stack up against your bracelet pieces. Unlike these, chain bracelets can mostly be paired with other funky bangles, watches, or bracelets. Making your look magnificent is always the aim and hence never overdoes your hand. Broad bracelets with very simple designs can be paired with thin bracelet chains and vice versa. Women who love to stack up bracelets can purchase from wholesale bracelets market as that would serve a great variety to them along with being less expensive.

6) Versatility:

Look for bracelets that can be used with many outfits. Silver, gold-toned, pearls, or black stoned bracelets are always on a hit list when it comes to accessorizing. Since these colors are neutral, they can be paired up with many dresses. Broad bracelets with heavy or specific stones are dress and color-specific, but you can pair them with different chains or watches to make them versatile.

7) Type of bracelet:

Look for the type of bracelet before buying. There are various options available in the market, bangle type, chain type, stoned, cuff, macrame, and leather. Choose the appropriate one according to your personality, comfort, dress type, and occasion. Moreover, you should also look for the wearability of the bracelet. Go for metals if you want a daily wear bracelet as they’re sturdy and don’t get damaged on everyday wear. Light stonework would also do with regular wear increasing the overall look of your hand.

8) Consider it an investment:

Try not to compromise on the quality of the bracelet. The accessories you wear adorn and define your overall look and can either spoil or glitter up what you’re wearing. It is a vintage investment for generations to come and hence should be of good quality. Bracelets that fade away after a few years are never advisable. For this, you can always go for bangle type of pearl bracelets. Besides being durable they can be used for many years and would not get damaged. Since purchasing a good quality bracelet can be a great investment, it would be a great idea to purchase it from the wholesale bracelets manufacturers market.

Bracelets are always on the top list when it comes to accessorizing and adding that extra grace to your look. It is but natural that they would want to increase their elegance and boring attires and for that bracelet chains or bangles are always a great option. It is hence important that before buying the perfect bracelet you should consider the above points beforehand. Another tip, for chain or mesh bracelets, it is advisable that you clean them up regularly either with a metal cream or a normal detergent as recommended by top jewelry manufacturers in Europe. Adorn yourself with the beauty of gracious accessories, tingling stones, and lovable bracelet chains. Add that luster and elegance to your boring look and have that extraordinary dreamy appearance.

Akash Chauhan

Akash Chauhan has worked in online marketing since 2011, specializing in event marketing, content management, organic and paid social media, community and reputation management, and real-time journalism.