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By CAROL LAVENDER 2,485 views

Top 9 Branded Glasses you can Shop Online

The eyes are a very beautiful and sensitive part of our body. No one can afford the damage to the eyes. Many factors though affect the working of your eyes. The one major factor is sun rays. The UV rays can harm your eyes badly and will be the cause of major diseases. The sun can also affect your eyesight if you are living in a hot tropical area of land where you have to confront the sun’s rays every single second. If the nature of your work is also similar to the situation where you have to face the sun all day then this article is very informative for you and will help you to find branded glasses shops online.

If you want to protect your eyes but don’t want to spoil your looks also. You want protection with style then let me tell you it’s possible. Sunglasses are the best solution for your eye problems in the sun. They give you not only protection but enhance your glamorous look as well. This fashion is not limited to a specific person or gender. Anyone can wear them for the same purpose and with the same style. Here are some cool options to pick your branded sunglasses.


Ray-ban is no doubt at the top of the list because it is the known brand of the world for its Glasses styles and quality. It is famous for its high-end designs in the classic range. This brand offers you quality at a fair price that’s why it is residing on the title of number 1 in all brands. This brand was established in 1937 and then an Italian giant Luxottica took over this. It has lines of products with different attributes. The most famous one is a Wayfarer.


Mykita is a famous and award-winning company in Berlin, Germany. The special thing about them is they make sunglasses by hand and have been doing so for 15 years. They also collaborate with other companies as well. They have unique and simple designs but are the most expensive brand in that area. Their prices range from 300$ to 800$.


Parada is an Italian brand famous for its style, elegance, and luxurious products. This brand has a vast range of fashion products like clothes, bags, shoes, and off-course sunglasses. It has a broad range of glasses that are known as a sophisticated and high fashion choice. Their glasses are in different colors and designs like oval, cat shape, and butterfly. Their eyewear never goes out of fashion. That’s why they are counted as one of the top brands on the list. Their prices start from 250$ to 300$.


If you want to have lifelong sunglasses then you should choose this brand. This brand was established in 1915 by Hyman Moscot. It is the best and oldest one in the companies of New York. It has been operated by the generations of the Moscot family. Now the fourth generation is dealing in this business. They have set the mark in the optical industry by introducing the quality and bold designs of glasses. They have reasonable prices for their quality products like Macher Sun is priced at 320$. If you want a pair of quality shades you have to compromise a large part of your budget. Most celebrities of Hollywood also use glasses of this brand.


This brand has established its name as the most luxurious one. They offer glasses according to the taste and occasion. Gold is the primary color in their frames. They offer high-quality products. If you can’t compromise with your looks you should go for their products. They also offer many products ranges like clothes, bags, shoes for both men and women.


This brand is way younger than other master brands like RayBan and American optical but it is getting popularity among the new generation because of affordable glasses with styles. You can say that it is the cheapest option with good quality and stylish brands on this list. They offer their products online and their prices start from 95$. This brand is also socially very active and uses a portion of its customer’s contribution for charity work.


Tom Ford is one of the best designers in the world. His name is enough to establish a trust relationship with his customers. He has served in GUCCI and left that company because of some contradictions with the CEO of the company on artistic control. In 2005 he established his brand and is now one of the famous luxury sunglasses makers. The shades of this brand promise 100 percent UV protection. The price range of these glasses is $400 to $1500.


American Opticals is the oldest and one of the top brands. At the start, they were dealing in only spectacles or offer glasses with numbered lenses with a lighter tint in them. They got involved in the sunglasses business when their manufactured glasses were used by Neil Armstrong and his crew in Apollo 11. You can have their quality pair of shades for the lower price of 100 dollars.


If you want to have a good pair of dapper, Persol is the best option in the international arena. It is the only company having a history paralleled to RayBan. It is also owned by Luxottica. The concept of this brand name comes from the phrase Per il sole means for the sun. The yellow-brown lens is the hallmark of this brand. Steve McQueen Persol 714 is the signature glasses and most picked one from their product range. They are tested for years so you can buy their products with confidence. They have low-priced glasses as well in their catalog that are only for 280 dollars. They are registered as the world’s first flexible stem system which means that their glasses are flexible and adjustable in any shape according to the shape of the face. Their top-shelf sunglasses range from 200$ to 300$.

Carol Lavender

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