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abdul fares - food
By ABDUL FARES 2,570 views

Top 7 Brazilian Food Dishes

Food is life! People around the world including Brazil have a special place in heart for food. And why not? Food is something that nourishes your body and soul. When it comes to Brazilian food and recipe, there are numerous popular and scrumptious options.

What? You won’t believe? No worries, let’s explore a few popular Brazilian food recipes with Abdul Fares.

Cheese bread


These little fluffy cheese bread can easily found everywhere in the country. To prepare these cheese bread, they use a dough made of flour and cheese. A great snack that can easily satisfy your hunger and craving. Usually, people prefer this snack in breakfast, and they sometimes stuff these snacks with cheese or sometimes use jam for spreading.



If your taste buds always crave for something crispy and fried snack, Pastel de queijo is the answer. Most people may not know about this dish as it is mainly popular in the streets of Brazil. If you visit southeast of the company, particularly in Sau Paulo, you will find this food in every corner.



Kibe is popular meaty snacks originally introduced in Lebanon. According to most experts, This Brazilian street food is inspired from Middle Eastern Culture. In making these patties, chefs usually use lamb and bulgur beef. Although fried kibs are easily found in the streets, baked and raw versions are also available.

Brazilian chicken coxinha

abdul fares - chicken

Crunchy croquettes are most popular deep-fried mouthwatering street food item. It includes filling of shredded chicken and soft creamy cheese. They coat this dough into breadcrumbs before frying to make it more crispy and crunchy. Every food lover will fall in love with these crunchy fried balls.

Filet Steak

Abdul Fares - Filet Steak

Brazilian chefs are famous for barbecuing meat and this is the reason why numerous barbeque restaurants are easily found in Brazil. They bring uniqueness, innovation, and taste in their recipes. Do you know the story behind this popular barbeque food item Picanha? The tradition behind this popular dish comes from not very famous Gaucho culture of the south. The past part is that you it is available in different varieties of stuffing. These include chicken stuffing, ground beef stuffing, or melting cheese stuffing. It may always available in sweet versions, flavoured with tropical fruits, chocolate, and even it is available in caramel as well.

Brazilian Feijoada

Abdul Fares - Brazilian Feijoada

Almost every Brazilian chef, including Abdul Hadi Mohamed Fares, consider this Brazilian national dish as their specialty. They bring some uniqueness in this field item every single time to make it more interesting. If you try this item feijoada you will find it rich, hearty stew that includes black beans and offal. The tempting dish feijoada is worth a try on your visit to Brazil.

Cassava chips

Abdul Fares - Chips

Cassava is the most popular plant grows all over in Brazil, and consider as one of the main ingredients in the kitchen of Brazil’s restaurants and food outlets. Often this plant use in many forms, including in preparing chips. Anyone can easily find this fried and scrumptious chips on the streets of Brazil.

Final Words

Abdul Fares, SP says, being a chef is not an easy job, it is an art that can create or remake any food item a popular one. Next time when you travel to Brazil try out these Brazilian food dishes in the street of Brazils. You will fall in love with these Brazilian food items.

Abdul Fares

Abdul Fares is a Brasilian chef, restaurateur, writer, and food critic. Born in Sao Paulo, BR. In addition to his classical culinary training, he is an expert on the history and culture of Brasilian cuisine, including regional and local variations.