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tv channels
By JOE MAILLET 690 views

BT TV Channels – Complete list of Included Channels

BT is one of the popular mobile phone contracts, sim only deals and TV channels services providers in the market of the UK. It is competing with the top brands virgin and Sky TV. Nowadays because of the reliable services of BT mobiles people are moving towards BT, in this article, we will guide you about what channels will you get after purchasing the.

Freeview Channels

When you purchase the BT TV subscriptions then you will get Freeview channels. Almost 37 free view channels you will get, the list of the channels mentioned below.

  • BBC (HD premium Channel)
  • Dave
  • Channel 5
  • Channel 4
  • Five USA
  • 4Music
  • CBBC
  • Quest
  • Sky News
  • CBeebies
  • Aljazeera

Entertainment Channels

In BT TV subscriptions you will get the premium entertainment channels, for them, you have to pay extra money if you are using another provider’s services. But luckily on BT TV, you will find the premium channels for free of cost. The list of channels mentioned below.

  • Sky one
  • Sky Atlantic
  • Sky Crime
  • Sky Witness
  • Gold
  • Sky Arts
  • Syfy
  • Central Comedy
  • Discovery
  • Fox
  • National Geography
  • Vice
  • MTV

You can also add the additional channels after purchasing the subscription such as sky sports and BT sports. These channels are not available with the subscriptions. So you can add them after purchasing, but obviously you need to pay extra money for the additional charges, but don’t worry the charges will be affordable and economical. For adding the additional channels you can call the service operator. And you can get the discounted prices for the additional channels. The best thing is that you can cancel the subscription of additional channels anytime without paying any extra charges.

Movies Channels

As you know the BT TV has a paid partnership with the Sky TV, so you can access the Sky TV channels on the BT TV subscriptions. Sky TV is famous for providing movie channels. The quality of the channel is amazing, you can watch up to 4K HD movies on sky TV. so on BT TV you can enjoy the same channels on BT TV subscriptions. The list of the movies channels is below.

  • Sky Cinema Greats
  • Sky Cinema Family
  • Sky Cinema
  • Sky Cinema Actions
  • Sky Cinema Drama
  • Sky Cinema Sci Fi and Horror
  • Sky Cinema Premier
  • Sky Cinema Comedy

As you can see these all are the channels offered by Sky TV, but you can enjoy these channels on BT TV channel subscriptions in the subscription charges, don’t you think it is amazing.

Sports Channels

Sky Sports and BT sports have an amazing history of broadcasting the major events of the sports on the TV. such as you can watch the Football Premier league, Cricket Matches, Basketball Matches, and many other sports on BT Sports and Sky Sports. Let’s take a look at the list of Sports channels to offer by BT TV.

  • BT sports
  • BT sports ESPN HD
  • Sky Sports Main Event
  • Sky Sports
  • Sky Sports Football
  • Sky Sports Arena
  • Sky Sports News
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