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5 Tips on How to Organize a Budget-friendly Move

Getting too big for your surroundings and moving up in the world is a joyous occasion to have. Not that it’s without the hassle involved, but it’s a good kind of hustle to have. Moving usually means going for better and better, an upgrade that you work hard to achieve. In doing so, there are a couple of final touches to the process that needs to be done for it to run smooth. No one wants this moment to be associated with a mountain of boxes everywhere. Think of moving like a breeze that will relocate you from point A to B. With a few tips&tricks, it can be just that.

1. Plan ahead

Chances are you know the exact or almost exact date of your move. There is ample time to plan and get started. This period is useful for separating the essential from the non-essentials. Once that’s done, you can start moving in batches. Not only will it make the process that much easier and cheaper, but you will also get a clear overview of your inventory. The non-essential items can go first, and then as the moving day approaches, you can move down the list. You can even use free moving apps, as well.

2. Disassemble

There are bulky items to be moved, that’s for sure. They take a lot of elbow grease, putting your back into it, and a whole lot of coordination. As they are heavy and bulky, they can easily damage anything around them, and themselves, in the process. To prevent that, a simple disassembly is all that’s needed. Large objects are usually easy to disassemble. That long table becomes a board or two, with four separate legs. The enormous closet becomes a small pile of boards. Once they are like that, it’s easy to store and move them. They won’t take up all that space, don’t take four men to move, and there is almost no risk of damage.

3. Ask for helping hands

No shame in admitting you need help. With all this work to be done, it can get overwhelming at moments. You can always go thru your phonebook and start calling on favours from your friends and relatives. Some moving pizza and food are in order, which is almost tradition, at this point. The more, the merrier, and once there are plenty of people involved, moving becomes a breeze. The only downside is, well, you have to call in for favours, and more people can lead to small chaos if not organised. 

Not to mention the lack of experience and training when it comes to moving. All of these, and more, come into play when you hire professional and experienced moving removalists that can swoop in and take the load away. With years of practical work under their belt, the same belt has all the tools they need. Some people will argue that they are expensive, but when you put it all on paper and factor in all your time, money, effort and favours that you have to ask for, professional movers more than pay for themselves.

4. Labelling

Take a look at all those boxes that are lying around. All are the same or pretty similar. In which one did you put that expensive porcelain and which one has your books? By knowing what’s inside each, you can also know the approximate weight, fragility, and content so you can adjust correctly. Labelling can be done by colour coding boxes or with names, whatever works for you. The point is to relate information fast and reliably so that it gets easy to identify and load your items fast and safely. 

5. Back up all the data

If you are doing any sort of moving, from private to professional, there are electronics involved. While these expensive items need extra care and attention, during the moving process, the data on them needs an extra layer of protection as well. Backing up your information on any of the cloud services and an additional external drive is the way to go. You can never have enough protection, and while some things can get repaired if they get damaged during the move, lost or corrupted data is gone forever.  Think of your data as an item on the inventory, like any other physical one that you have and your view towards it will change.

Tackling any big topic or task is always daunting at first. There’s ample work to be done, and it may seem like a humongous mountain when you start. The most important thing now is just that, taking that first step. One by one, bit by bit, you will soon be amidst the gist of things. Being able to see the fruits of your labour manifest before your eyes is a wonderful feeling to have and, this job will be done so you can look back on all that you accomplished. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

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