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Build Alpha
By DAVID BERGSTROM 1,447 views

How is Build Alpha Distinct from other Trading Software?

Are you searching for reliable trading software which can help you build and test robust trading strategies for financial markets? You do not have to look anywhere else. Build Alpha is your one-stop destination for achieving your trading goals with its expert tools and capabilities. It has two interrelated skills which other trading software cannot offer you. That is why it is the first choice of all traders, beginning traders and seasoned professionals in the business of trading. First, the ability to easily create trading strategies with no programming. Second, the ability to test these strategies with advanced methods not seen anywhere else.

So yes, not only will it guide the new traders to start their trading portfolio, but it also guides the professional traders who already know how to trade in distinct market conditions. All traders spend lots of time developing strategies. Build Alpha comes into the picture, especially in the long run, because as markets change with increasing and decreasing volatility. New strategies are required. Developing new strategies can be a long and laborious process, but Build Alpha is there to assist and make the research task easier. Finally, it has stress testing offered that no other software has. These techniques can be the difference between a good and a bad strategy. In short, we can say that we have a lot many reasons to prefer this software over other trading software in the industry.

Tranding Software

Following are a few points which make it unique compared to any other software:

Diverse strategy at a time:

If you are somebody who is into trading and is not happy with the mainstream software offered by the industry then you will definitely enjoy the services offered by this trading software which enables users to develop and test diverse strategies on any market in short amounts of time. Also if you want to deal with multiple accounts or asset types then it will expand your horizons over distinct instruments. Achieving all these things seems difficult, right? It is for a human, but it is done efficiently with automated procedures of this trading software, Build Alpha. It will also scan for any trading possibilities in all the markets around the world markets and can operate on any financial data provided.

Provides you with Backtested Trading ideas:

Select a portfolio of securities to enhance your trading activity. The software empowers traders to backtest their trading ideas across various markets at once. Understanding the probabilities and the risk of any trading strategy can be the difference between success and failure. Build Alpha aims to equip the trader with this knowledge. So these practices of testing strategies on past data lets traders understand before they jeopardize their own money in live trading.  Also, this software allows traders to fine-tune their existing strategies, approaches and helps traders determine their expected probability of profit and risk.

These are just a few major points which make Build Alpha the most unique trading software in the industry.

David Bergstrom

My name is David Bergstrom, and I am the guy behind the Build Alpha software. I have spent many years researching, building, testing, and implementing market making and trading strategies for a high frequency trading firm, a handful of CTAs, individual clients, registered money managers, and even aspiring retail traders.

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