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By BORIS GOLDSTEIN 2,658 views

Four Best Ways to Build Your Online Presence as A New Entrepreneur

The journey to become an entrepreneur is easy, but building a brand is what take a real effort. Today, an online identity is necessary to build a successful brand in a competitive environment. And this is where your determination, passion, and persistence as a true entrepreneur plays a key role.

Let’s explore a few best ways to build an online presence as a new entrepreneur with Boris Goldstein.

Entrepreneur Online Presence

Brand yourself

Your brand must include a niche, target audience and a name. Even if you want to use your own personal name while creating an online presence, do not forget to create an overall theme and mission. You must do a thorough research to understand and analyze your product, service and marketing tactics.

During the initial stage of framing a business plan, do consider fonts, logos, photography, and other graphic design issues, that you must add to your content. There are numerous tools available to assist, and sites like WordPress make easy for entrepreneurs to begin. It includes easy integration with other social channels.

Write for the web

In this era of a digital platform, SEO is a science in depth. Your search engine results are evaluated by many metric systems and analytical tools. However, to make a proper place in search queries you must have some specific elements to your site, for example, bullet points, subheadings, short paragraphs, numbers, bold words and highlighted phrases.

These several different techniques of presenting information actually help readers to gain information faster and creates a more relevant and easier-to-absorb presentation. People are curious to know more about your business and brand, therefore it’s your responsibility to make it easy for them.

Use Google Analytics

After creating a website, you have to use Google Analytics to evaluate the performance of your website. Basically, Google Analytics is a tool that allows users to track the most important metrics on their site and compare them to previous approaches and competitors. In a few clicks, you can evaluate how many visitors are viewing your content, and figure out which pages are getting more hits.

Be Social

You don’t need to show your presence on every single social media network. However, it is vital that you connect on at least a few on the main platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram).

Remember to include videos, photos, and info graphics in your content. Also, text and other high content material. Here you can share relevant information which ultimately helps you to take advantage of their free advertising. According to experts, it is actually a wonderful marketing tool.

Consistency is key, and you must maintain that. Manage all social media channels and post regularly, and actively participate with your readers in conversation and discussions. This will gain their trust and will help in pushing your SEO and online presence.

Final Words

Many leaders in the industry including, Boris Goldstein believes in using latest technology to make a change in the world. What about you?

Boris Goldstein

Boris Goldstein shifted from Latvia to San Francisco in the middle 1990s to monitor the growth of Solby. While residing in California with his family members, Mr. Goldstein got his Ph.D. from the University of Latvia. In 1999, he began managing businesses at the Ocean Project Finance.