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Did you show interest ever in send mms online marketing? If not, you need to consider it. According to research, more than 65% of mobile users open SMS and MMS to see what has been offered to them.

MMS plays a more important role because they develop engagement with the images and videos more effectively. Therefore, the experts think that the MMS marketing campaign grabs the attention of the customers more than the text messages.

Marketers have already accepted this fact, and now, the businesses need to understand it.

However, to send MMS online for marketing purposes, it is important to learn techniques, before and during the processing, that will help you achieve your target of improving sales and ROI.

Here are the best practices that you need to follow before launching this marketing campaign:

You must take time to prepare the most suitable MMS

Yes, for an effective MMS marketing campaign, you need to take a long breathe and plan out the strategy and marketing content that you need to include in the messages.

Thoughtful images and videos will tell the actual purpose of your message. More importantly, you need to determine the size of the image or video, as large-sized files will be costly. With that, the chances of delivery failure will also be increased.

Providing details with MMS is necessary

Your videos and images should tell everything about your purpose. And if details are not there, you need to send a text with these MMSs as well. However, we should consider those users, who have those mobiles, which do not accept MMS images.

Factually, there may only be 1% of the total mobile phone users, who do not have this feature. It means that you need to equip your MMS with an image or video that tells everything about your marketing campaign.

And if there are only 1% who cannot accept these images or videos, you can ignore them.

Now we need to look into the practices that should be adopted during the MMS campaign:

Choose the virtual number more carefully

In MMS marketing, virtual mobile numbers play a major role because the recipients have their unique requirements. Businesses need to meet these requirements.

Therefore, you must have those numbers, which can address all the requirements and filters to make these messages compatible with the recipients’ numbers.

Use Canadian or US code for MMS marketing campaign

It becomes important when your business is in the United States of America or Canada. Sometimes, your actual offices are in different countries, but your target market is the North American region.

In this situation, you need virtual numbers that will help your customers in the countries coordinate with you without bearing expensive costs. The same condition will be implemented if your target market is in any specific country.

Must follow the instructions regarding image and video size

As described earlier, almost all mobile and smartphone devices accept all types of images, animations, and videos without facing any major problem. However, the sizes of the files matter a lot.

You must remember the recommendations in this regard. For example, you need to prefer .JPEG files for sending MMS. Moreover, the file size should be less than 500 KB. Additionally, for the standard images, you need to use 640 x 1138 pixels.

Consider your content

Content is the king in the current digital world. Without using relevant and attractive content, you cannot engage your customers. Therefore, crafting a message is a task that you need to consider.

For that, having a professional and experienced content writer is necessary for the organization, who will take the responsibility of providing catchy and informative content for the MMS campaign.

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