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By JENNIFER GUNN 2,527 views

Top 8 Tips for Building an Effective Business Website

If you want to have an online presence as a business, then you need to create the best website possible. This involves a lot of design elements, technical considerations, and customer perspectives. Therefore, you shouldn’t just create a basic website and consider the job done. You should get a proper website designer, maybe from a good staffing agency near you. Then, you need to give the designer clear instructions and information about your business requirements.

A business website should be easy to use, accessible on all devices, and must be attractive to potential customers. Therefore, you should think about your target audience, and see what sort of aesthetic and language they would prefer. In addition, you should also work on the technical elements, so they don’t leave you frustrated. You need to make sure as many people engage with your website as possible. Here are a few ways you can build your website to be as effective and user-friendly as possible.

Choose an Easy to Find Domain Name

First of all, you need to make sure people can find your website easily. Try to get a domain name with the same name as your business. Otherwise, try to use a name that matches your business and is also short and simple.

You should also use SEO practices, keyword research, and paid advertising campaigns to push traffic towards your website.

Prioritize Mobile Optimization

You need to consider mobile optimization as a high priority. These days, most people use their smartphones to access websites and social media feeds. Therefore, you need to make sure your website looks good and loads well on smartphones.

Mobile optimization is a major part of technical SEO, so you need to allocate ample resources and time to it. When your website is easily accessible on people’s smartphones, then you’ll get a much wider audience. In addition, if your website is visually appealing on smartphones, then customers will have a more pleasant experience as well.

Make Your Contact Info Visible

This is an important aspect of website design. If you want to generate genuine leads with your website, then you should make sure your contact information is highly visible. Place the essential information near your cover banner or add a prominent ‘Contact Us’ tab at the top.

Then, make sure you offer several contact options to your customers and have a live chat feature as well, whether it’s automated or with customer representatives. When your contact information is easily available on your website, people are more likely to get in touch.

Create a User-Friendly Navigation Menu

Easy navigation is an essential part of any website. You should create a user-friendly menu that leads visitors to all the important parts of your website. Create clear tabs and categories, and make sure your audience can get to their desired landing pages without having to go too deep.

This is where subcategories and submenus come in. When your main menu options have multiple branches, users can easily navigate to their desired page and will be more satisfied with their experience.

Avoid Visual Clutter

Make sure your website is attractive and does not have any visual clutter. Avoid using too many images, videos, and blocks of text on your website. Arrange the design in such a way that visitors see attractive infographics with concise text.

You should also pay attention to fonts and spacing so that your website looks professional and is not an eyesore. Minimal designs and simple color palettes are the way to go. They will let you create appealing designs which are easy on the eyes as well.

Keep Loading Speeds in Mind

While this may be a technical concern, it plays a major role in making your business page effective. If the website takes too long to load, people will simply not access it. This will lead to high bounce rates, which can affect your SEO ranking. In addition, loading speeds are part of technical SEO.

Therefore, you shouldn’t overburden your website with visual and text elements. Make sure it loads as fast as possible so that users can get where they want instantly.

Include Calls to Action

Your website needs to prompt visitors to take some sort of action to be truly effective. Create a few calls to action, and place them at various points on your website. Whether they’re on the home page, blog, or another such page, you need to use action words.

These will prompt your visitors to do something like sign up for a newsletter, download an eBook, or look at your product catalogs. This will put them in your marketing and sales funnels, and let you convert them into leads in a more organized manner.

Keep Your Information Updated

Make sure you update your information regularly and display all your products and deals on your web or business site. In addition, if there are any SEO policy updates or design changes in your company, your website should reflect those immediately.

Roll out any changes and updates on your Business page as soon as they are in action. This will help visitors stay abreast with all your offers and deals.

Jennifer Gunn

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