In the world of business, there are many tasks to be done with proper communication. Every day you often need to send numerous business proposals to clients, bulky emails to colleagues and need to draft unlimited memos to senior executives. But, have you ever thought for a second whether your mode of communication giving a fruitful result? Or do your clients are reverting to your proposals on time?

Communication is like fuel which helps keep burning throughout the cycle, making the relationship between the client and company alive for years. So, it is very crucial to communicate correctly. In this article, you will learn how to improve your business writing skills.

Before you write – Ask yourself these 4″W’s” and 1″H”: Writing a business email or a proposal is a secondary task, but the primary duty is, answering yourself these 4″W’s” and 1″H” questions.

So, what are those questions?

  • Whom am I addressing, and who is my target audience?
  • Why should I write this?
  • What’s the central idea of my writing?
  • How does my set audience will benefit through this?
  • What’s the outcome of this message?

After answering these questions, you are ready to draft any type of professional writing. But, remember, it is an utmost important task to answer the above questions.

Here Are 5 Ways To Improve Your Business Writing Skills

Be relevant to the topic and Be precise

Either it’s a business email or a proposal, maintain clarity, and cohesive in your writing. If you opt to write on one theme, stick to that theme only, don’t go beyond your central idea; One idea, one writing.

People often ignore long messages and emails, so if you want your email reach goal, make sure you draft short messages. While composing an email or a note to clients, follow the short and sweet pattern by adding relevant information with no ambiguity.

Jargon and pretentious words will bluff your writing, so you must avoid usage of clichés and gibberish language in writing. In the meanwhile, you must present the simple and easy to understand writing to your set of audience.

Use Online Tools for better Proficiency and Grammar

No one can compose well-written emails or proposals with no grammatical mistakes and errors. But business proposals and writings need decent and professionally drafted work. So, you must and should need a tool that will figure out your mistakes and helps you in curating the best professional business writing. Online tools like Grammarly, ProWritingAid, Word Counter, Easy Write; Write My Essay will improve your business writing skills. When you use these online tools, you will slowly learn how to draft professional business writing.

Put yourself in the reader’s shoes

Many of you commit a similar mistake before sending a written copy to someone, and that is, you won’t look at your writing from the reader’s perspective. Your writing looks well-curated to you, but does your reader feel in the same way? No!

So, it is very important to put yourself in the reader’s shoes and reread what you have curated. Make sure whether your writing delivers the message correctly or not. Check out whether your writing is clear and precise.

Read your piece of writing like you are reading it for the first time, then you will understand if your writing is going to work out or not.

Proofread for numerous times

Editing makes content flawless and manifest to understand. Before you put down your writing, proofread it for numerous times. Take a constant break and check out the drafted work after a few hours for readability. Reading every line by asking a few questions for effective proofreading. Questions like –

  • Does the sentence apt to the topic?
  • Do this word or idiom or phrase suitable for the sentence?
  • Did I use any rubbish words, which make my writing bluff?
  • Is there any alternative to the sentence?
  • Do the sentences are compatible and call an action from the reader?

In addition to this, you can ask your friend to check your work to get better results.


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