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By JOE MAILLET 898 views

Seven Reasons Why Businesses Should Adopt Remote Working

The continuous evolvement in technology has brought a change in business models worldwide. Over the past few years, the concept of remote work has been emerging. However, presently it has gained much spotlight and become more popular than ever before. It has drawn together both employees and employers by digital means. Though the staff may not be present physically, the workforce’s output remains the same or, better yet, more effective.

However, remote working doesn’t necessarily mean work from the comfort of the home. It can be anywhere and anytime, be it a library, a café, a distraction-free environment, or any other favorite spot.

Some businesses do not consider the hype around remote working real and still hesitate to incorporate it fully. While it is true that implementing the whole idea is easier said than done, the results will be worth noticing. Businesses can achieve qualitative targets without compromising on performance with the proper remote work plan. As soon as this realization hits the companies, they will ever be ready to jump on the bandwagon.

Below are some of the reasons that are good enough for businesses to step into the world of remote working:

Reduces Carbon Footprint

Greenhouse gases have been a constant threat to the environment lately. The employees commuting every day contributes to the increase in greenhouse emissions. Among all other countries, the US remains on top of the list that releases the most carbon dioxide emissions. As per Statista, per person, CO2 emission in 2020 was 13.8 metric tons. Companies that facilitate and promote remote work can play their part in keeping the environment safe and healthy. By encouraging remote work, employees would not have to travel to work. Thus, it will cause a decrease in air pollution.

In larger cities within states like Texas, traveling distances can be quite long if you’re not living downtown. Hence, employers should consider offering accommodation to lower the CO2 ratio and protect the environment. Residential options such as mobile homes Odessa TX are a trendy yet affordable solution to encourage employees to work from home while still being close to the office. These eco-friendly mobile homes temporarily serve as a safe place for workers and mitigate human activities’ potential hazards.

Increases Productivity

The notion that individuals remain lazy and procrastinate all the time during remote work is entirely false. Many studies have concluded that remote workers tend to perform better than the ones in an office setting. It is because they can work in an autonomous environment and refrain from indulging in office gossips.

Also, they can avoid unannounced meetings and unnecessary interruptions from work colleagues. The liberty of working round the clock and taking breaks when everything feels too much makes them more creative. The more productive employees are, the more chances of a business to convert the dream of generating sales into a reality.

Cuts Down The Cost

It makes a lot of sense to transform the physical office into a remote work setting. Regardless of the size, every business can save a considerable amount of costs by adopting remote work. These can include utility bills, office space, furniture, supplies, and renovation charges. With cloud-based services and advanced technologies, businesses can even conduct conferences and meetings virtually, waiving the need for expensive business tours.

On the other hand, workers can also benefit by saving the transportation and fuel expenses. Commute can surely drain employee’s energy and a great deal of money, especially during peak traffic hours. Remote work allows the workers to schedule their own time. Some may prefer to work early in the mornings, while others get creative late at night. Therefore, it is in the best interests of both the former and the latter.

Creates Work-Life Balance

Although many companies claim to care for employees; however, when it comes to quality work-life, only a few are making efforts. Employees can spend time in psychological decompression areas and enjoy gaming rooms to a certain extent only. Everyone needs some quality me-time at the end of the day. The flexplace policy made by some companies has enabled employees to attain a work-life balance. Professionals can manage workload and spend family time or plan for a holiday vacation according to their feasibility.

Reduces Stress And Improves Mental Health

Long hours of travel take up most of the workers’ energy and exhaust them. Commuting every day, encountering malicious traffic affects employees’ well-being negatively. It can lead to severe headaches and frustrations. Although some employees are advantageous to have their work close to their residence, many workers still suffer from poor commutation problems. Poor health can be a hindrance to employees’ productivity, too. Moreover, traditional workplace settings also increase the possibility of contracting various infections related to hygiene.

Remote working keeps employees from catching contagious germs. In the current pandemic, this makes even more sense. Employees can also work in their comfort place, giving them a sense of peace as they don’t have to travel back and forth and face traffic issues. Providing a remote working environment to the workers makes it possible for employees to perform quality work and not merely meet the targeted deadlines.

Improves Employee Retention Rate

Many employees like to switch their job if they don’t feel valued in their company. Retaining trained employees is one of the biggest challenges for companies all around the world. However, one vital advantage of implementing remote working for businesses is the high employee retention rate. It is because remote employees enjoy a greater degree of flexibility while choosing their work hours and location. They don’t need to change their jobs or look for a transfer even if they move to a different city or state. It gives them a feeling of satisfaction and increases the retention rate. Remote working allows employees to attract talented employees and at the same time reduce recruitment costs.

Encourages Diverse Culture

Many research demonstrates diverse workforce drives more success to the business. Although many companies today are recruiting their workforce from diverse backgrounds. Still, plenty of companies only hire employees within the same state as the office location. Due to the lack of cultural diversity, these companies have limited perspectives on business-related problems.

Globalization has unlocked the doors of the recruitment of employees from anywhere around the world. Remote working allows companies to take advantage of a diverse employee talent pool and enhance the overall performance. However, companies must focus on providing value to the employees and not just increase the ratio of diversity. Employees with different cultures and values have different perspectives and can bring innovative ideas to enhance productivity.

Summing Up

The trend of remote working doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon in the future. The continuous advancement of technology and people’s willingness has confirmed that remote work and management are more feasible. From reduced overhead expenses to improved employee retention to a comfortable work environment, remote work can yield ripple effects. Although some companies are still in a state of perplexity, others have already leaped towards this transition. Also, the ongoing pandemic has acted as a catalyst for businesses to switch to remote work.

Joe Maillet

Joe Maillet is an avid reader and a writer by heart. He is an author, freelance writer and a contributor writer, who write articles and blogs for various leading online media publications and for CEO and entrepreneurs from across the world. He keeps himself updated with the latest marketing trends and always recognized in the industry for providing solutions to B2B and B2C businesses.