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By LIAM SMITH 324 views

Build a Home or Buy an Apartment: 2020 View of Things

The number of housing opportunities is on the rise, and new home buyers can take into consideration a variety of options before they make a final decision. Finding a new residence is not an easy process and can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. If you’re a first-time buyer and you struggle to determine whether to build or buy, it’s time to sit and rethink your decisions. 

The coronavirus pandemic has made the process a lot harder. It’s understandable if you decide that now is not the time to buy a property. However, this may be the right opportunity for you. Property prices will go down, and you might want to use this as your advantage. If that sounds alluring, don’t judge a book by its cover, and learn about the pros and cons of possible housing options.

Act according to your needs

If you want to move into your new residence by the end of the year, buying an apartment is the best solution. Your real estate agent will help you go through all your options, and find you a suitable living area as soon as possible. You can become a legal owner of real estate in less than four months. 

On the other hand, finding a new residence is not your main cause for concern you should consider other housing options, too. Your builders may need six to eight months to create a liveable area. In the meantime, you can stay focused on other vital aspects of your life. It’s still not safe to travel abroad due to the global pandemic. You can use the money for traveling to equip your new home with modern decoration and furniture. 

Set up a budget

Most homebuyers believe that buying an apartment costs less than building a house. That may be true if you’re planning to invest in a large property and construct a big house. If pricing is not a problem, and you can afford an apartment of your choice, you should invest. Many buyers don’t want to live in a house. If you’re determined to invest in an apartment, create a budget and try to find something within your price range.

If your budget is tight, building a house is a better option. Raw land is less expensive than a property with a construction. If the location is not of great importance to you, purchase raw land on the outskirts of the city. Real estate is the most expensive in the town centre, which is why you should avoid looking for property in those areas. 

Think about whether your property of choice is the right for you

Building a house comes with a lot of benefits. You will have new construction that may serve you well for a couple of decades. You will also be able to rest in your backyard and enjoy the time spent in nature. One of the main reasons why most people prefer a house over an apartment is that it gives more freedom. Your neighbours won’t trouble you. Besides, you will be able to do whatever you want without facing the judgment from the people next door. 

Apartments, on the other hand, are a lot safer. The chances of getting robbed are lower, and you will feel protected knowing that no one can bother you. However, loud neighbours and strict rules may interfere with your lifestyle. Set priorities that will help you weigh your options. 

Advantages of building a new home

It’s often hard to acknowledge all benefits of building a house. You’ll be able to move in a brand-new living area and add a personal touch to it. You will save more money, which can help you avoid struggle during the pandemic. Worrying about renovations will be a problem from the past, while you might have to renovate your apartment before you move in. 

When building a house, you’re able to create a floor plan according to your needs. Hardworking builders from Buildwyse construction company will use the best materials to create your ideal home. The process of building a house is long, but most people didn’t regret their decision. 

Calculate additional costs

Whether you’re going to purchase an apartment or build a house, additional costs will sneak up on you. You will have to save money for the renovation of your apartment to adapt it to your lifestyle and prevent construction damage in the future. You won’t have to deal with this issue if you decide to start from scratch, but you’ll have to calculate house maintenance costs. 

The building offers you a chance to build an energy-efficient home. Buying an apartment in an older building does not always allow you to make such changes. 

It’s up to you to decide what to do and become a real estate owner before the property market prices change. 


Whatever you decide, think twice before you make a final decision. Think at least five years in advance and create a rough plan for the course of your life. Both housing options come with a lot of advantages and disadvantages. Consider your habits and lifestyle, and don’t invest unless you’re one hundred percent sure about your choice. 

Liam Smith

Liam Smith is a young and aspiring Australian blogger with a passion for everything related to home, design and lifestyle. He has a B.Sc. in Interior design and is an avid reader.