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anthony wardan- new home
By ANTHONY WARDAN 1,681 views

Tips To Follow If You Are Buying A Home For The First Time

Buying a home can be frustrating sometimes it can be harsh work for first-timers. One should be 100% contributed and equipped with the information. It is the dream for many working men/woman to buy their own house from the hard earn money so no one wants it to go wrong. So, Anthony Wardan, the director of Maple Living will tell you about some tips for buying a home that will be helpful for those who are finding their perfect homes. 

Be financially disciplined to build down payment

Most of the people that buy a house buy it with the help of loans, so if you are planning to buy a house with the help of a house loan be disciplined about the EMIs. You have to pay the down payment of a house from your pockets it’s usually 20-25% of the cost of the property expenses. To be disciplined about the down payment fund you have to start cutting wasteful expenditure to be disciplined and pay the EMIs on time.

Choose your budget well 

The most common mistake first-timers do is going over budget. To buy your dream house, you have to take care of how much you can pay back to the mortgage. Categorize your budget and calculate your expenses well To calculate the budget.

Do your research well 

We all dream to buy us our dream home but do you have the proper data to everything you need to know about the house you need? What house do you need? How many rooms do you need? What type of house do you need? You have to do your planning well and you have to keep an eye on whatever you need. Are you willing to pay extra for proper parking spaces, swimming pools? Don’t buy something that you will struggle to pay for later.

Get your dream house insured

One of the most important things to do after you buy the house that you can afford and like is to get it insured. To be sure that any damage anyone that has poured his heart and money into buying that house should not be shy of buying the insurance for his/her house. The best part about most home insurance plans is their flexibility and long-term benefits.

Carefully choose a real estate agent

A good real estate agent will always meet your needs and will always guide you in the perfect direction. Interview a few agents get suggestions from other home buyers and then select the one that meets your requirements.

Pick the right type of house and the neighborhood

Given the type of lifestyle, you have always chosen the neighborhood you like to live in. It can be the countryside; it can be a busy street. You can choose to live alone and buy a condo or you can choose to buy a townhome with shared walls with neighbors concluded Anthony Wardan. But that would result in less privacy. So, here are some necessary points to look at if you are buying a home for the first time.

Anthony Wardan

Anthony Wardan, Director at Maple Living. Run business with a team of qualified and licensed professionals completing homes to the highest standards.

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Darren Ainsworth
2 years ago

Great Information!