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medical examination table
By TIM_SANT 975 views

6 Things to Consider When Buying a Medical Examination Table

A medical examination table is a vital piece of equipment needed in all kinds of medical facilities to accommodate patients during the medical inspection. A major priority during this process is ensuring the comfort and safety of patients who may have varying types and degrees of medical condition. For this reason, it is essential for a medical clinic to accommodate patients in an exam table with sufficient and appropriate support, padding, and range of position adjustments. Equally, it is beneficial for the medical practitioner to have an exam table that offers multiple functions. This helps to make the medical inspection process seamless without rendering the examiner to move and reach for necessary tools.

When buying a medical examination table, there are certain features to consider to ensure that the table fulfills its purpose well and ably. This article will provide a list of these features in detail and explain why they are essential.

1. Adjustability

An adjustable medical exam table can accommodate patients in multiple positions. Certain patients may have medical conditions that render them immobile in certain areas or feel acute discomfort when placed in certain positions. Without an adjustable examination table, conducting a thorough medical assessment of such patients becomes challenging and even impossible. It also limits the medical practitioner from giving full accessibility to conduct the inspection, treatment, or therapy. An adjustable table provides a solution to these problems enabling the patient to lie or sit in a position they find comfortable. It also enables the examiner to move and place the patient in such a way that the targeted body part can be closely seen and examined.

2. Sufficient and Quality Padding

As mentioned before, keeping patients comfortable is an important part of a medical examination. When a patient sits or lies down on the exam table, sufficient and good quality padding helps to keep them comfortable. This is especially beneficial when the medical examination takes long, and the patient has to remain seated or lie down for the entire duration. Without proper padding, patients may feel aches and discomfort in certain body parts giving them a bad experience and negative impression of your medical facility.

3. Portability

Most examination tables have aluminum and titanium frames which are relatively light. But with the addition of other components, they become heavy and unwieldy. When there is a need to move the table for rearrangements, cleaning, maintenance or relocation, moving a non-portable table becomes a challenging task requiring the involvement of at least two strong medical staff.

A portable examination table offers easy and effortless mobility providing the convenience of use and relocation. When buying an examination table, opt for a unit that is portable, and this will eliminate all the inconvenience of having a non-portable unit.

4. Storage

Certain medical procedures need a variety of tools and supplies that should be accessible readily. Medical examination tables with multiple spacious storage compartments and drawers offer the benefit of keeping these necessary tools and supplies within an arm’s reach. The storage spaces of an examination table are subject to the size of the unit. Depending on the model and manufacturer, examination tables have different types of storage units built into them. Some might have pull-out drawers and cabinets while some might come with open shelves. Buy a model with storage big and spacious enough to hold the kind of medical tools you work with.

5. Weight Capacity

Not all examination tables come with the equal weight capacity. Regular medical exam tables can hold weights of up to 450 pounds. This may be less or more depending on the patients your practice treats. Models designed for pediatrics are smaller in size and have lesser weight capacity as they are meant for children. While models designed specifically for use in the field of bariatric have sturdier frames with weight capacities over 850 pounds.

6. Product Warranty

A warranty covers your exam tables against manufacturing defects and damages or failure under normal use. It provides various provisions such as replacement and repair services from the manufacturer if any of these problems happen to your unit during the warranty period. A warranty is a great way of ensuring that a manufacturer will take responsibility for defects and damages that are not a cause of extension of use.


When buying an examination table, consider the points mentioned above and choose a unit that fulfills the specific requirements of your medical practice. If you want to buy an examination table that meets all the points mentioned above, check out Ritter Table by Midmark. The company has been around for a century and their products are renowned for their quality and functionality in the medical field. If you’re interested in buying a Midmark Ritter Table, visit Angelus Medical and check out the variety of examination tables in their collection. After all, an appropriate medical examination table is a must in every clinic and should be picked with utmost concern.


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