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audio system

4 Things to Consider When Buying a Home Audio System

A home fulfills many purposes; it provides shelter, and comfort, as well as the physical amenities that are vital for improving quality of life. While the characteristics attributed to a home are generally associated mostly with safety and shelter, it can be a lot more. For instance, a home can be a place for unrivaled fun, simplicity, and entertainment with the simple installation of a high-quality audio system.

Your level of engagement with sound can determine the depth of your experience when listening to music or watching a movie. Installing a home audio system is a great way to bring out this level of entertainment at home. When buying a high-end home audio system, it is important to remember that a one size fits all approach does not work. Each home has its own characteristics, and the needs of each individual buyer vary. If you’re planning to install an audio system in your house, here are four essential features to consider to help you choose the best one for your home.

Your Purpose and Budget

Most audio systems in the market today offer volume output and sound quality that are more than enough for most medium-sized rooms. They also come with multiple features that allow the sound to be adjusted in certain ways for working around a trickier home design. This is to say that price alone does not determine what is best for your home. Think about how often you’ll be using the audio system, and what you will be using it for. If you’re going to use it professionally for mixing and editing sound, you will want to consider professional-grade pieces with higher price tags, acoustical treatments, and other things of that nature. But for recreational use, most pieces of equipment in the mid-range will be sufficient.

Understand the Basic Audio Components

There are multiple basic components that form a home audio system and understanding these components and their functions can help you in choosing what is best for your home. What sort of things are you going to listen to? Is it a surround sound system for movies and TV or is it for music around the house also and entertainment outside? Learn the components that go into both of these types of systems and plan accordingly.


The speakers are the main audio output, so the quality of the audio is almost entirely dependent on them. There are two main types of speaker setups for a home audio system, they are the 5.1 and the 7.1. The 5.1 consists of one subwoofer, one center speaker, two in the ceiling, and two speakers that are placed to the left and right of the center. In addition to these sets of speakers, the 7.1 has an additional pair of speakers that go behind the watcher(s), the rears.

Receiver and Amplifier

A receiver takes an audio signal, interprets and processes it, then sends it to the amplifier before it delivers them to the speakers to be played. These two systems ensure that the sound signals are up to the standard of their output levels and the speakers get the power they need to probably play the source.

Room Size and Dimensions

Your room size and dimensions matter for the placement of the speakers and the type of speakers for creating the perfect sound design, and for understanding the level of output required. If you want to use your audio system just for a home theater, all the speakers will be installed in that room to give a realistic surround sound. But, if you want the audio system to work in multiple locations, the speakers will have to be placed in different rooms and linked to the same system. While this may give you wider audio coverage, it will compromise on certain sound effect features such as a surround effect if you’re trying to achieve that.

Large rooms with wide spaces mean that you’ll need powerful speakers with bigger outputs. If you have difficulty in working out what will be enough, you can always enlist the help of professionals from HiFi audio stores such as Boca Tech and Automation.


Home audio systems are a valuable investment and will be used more than you think. They have at least a decade before they go outdated and may face compatibility issues with newer technologies. Their service life is even longer and depends on how well they are maintained. With this in mind, do your research and go for the best audio system in your price range as you will reap the benefits of their value as you continue to use them.

If you’re looking for high-end audio systems for your home, Boca Tech offers a wide collection of brand new as well as used top-quality audio systems at affordable prices. Visit their website to check out their range of products and contact them to speak to qualified experts today!