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Whether you plan to use your new device to work, learn or keep yourself entertained, HP has a computer for you. But there are many factors to consider when shopping for a new computer. To get the best value for your money, you want to make sure you get the best possible computer for your unique needs.

It can be tempting to prioritize the best deal or select a machine with the newest features, but you should think to go beyond that when shopping for a new device. If you aren’t cautious, you could be stuck with a machine that doesn’t fit your needs and features you never use.

  1. Prioritizing Form Over Function

You’ve likely heard the saying, “all that glitters isn’t gold.” The same concept can be applied when buying your new laptop. It can be tempting to base your purchase on a computer’s sleek exterior design but resist the urge to let your eyes decide for you. Instead, always pay attention to specs rather than appearance.

  1. Choosing Price vs. Your Needs

Try to avoid shopping based on price alone. There are some solid budget computers out there, but if they don’t fit your needs, then they are not for you. Select computers with the specs and hardware you know you’ll need. For example, if you plan on running multiple heavy applications simultaneously, but you skimp on processing power to save a few dollars, you will regret it later.

Retailers and manufacturers are always advertising promotions, deals, and heavy discounts. Don’t let this distract you from your primary goal—buying a machine that best fits your needs. It can be tempting to shop solely based on price or to go with flashy deals, but you may regret not spending more for a better computer or one that better suits your needs.

More expensive pricing does not equate to a better computer in all cases, even comparing two products from the same brand. Consider what you need your computer to do for you and try to match those needs with the best device.

  1. Unnecessary Pixels

If you plan to use your computer for tasks like emailing or writing, you likely don’t need the highest pixel resolution possible. Conversely, if you are a filmmaker or photographer, you will want the highest resolution screen available. Typically, higher resolution equals more expensive, so consider whether you really need the extra pixels. A 1080p resolution can be adequate for general use and can help you save money.

  1. Going in Blind

Not trying a computer before buying is a common mistake many computer buyers make. Make sure you do plenty of research but also test out the computer yourself. Pay attention to aspects like how it feels, touchpad responsiveness, and how fast it runs.

Online reviews are a great resource, but there is no substitute for actually trying a computer out in person. After you have read reviews, head to a physical store to taking the computer for a test run. That way, you can feel the weight and test the keyboard and other features to see if they work for you.

  1. Not Looking to the Future

Computers are not immortal; they age quickly and are continually being replaced by newer models. Applications, programs, and operating software are becoming more complex, and as they become more complex, they also demand more power from your computer. To make a smart purchasing decision, find out if you can upgrade your HP with things like RAM and storage. That way, you won’t have to consider buying a new one a few years down the line.

One excellent way to make your computer last longer is by doing consistent upgrades. Consider, when making your purchase, whether the computer’s price is worth it or how long it might last. These computers are generally robust, but if you end up needing repair for your HP computer, you’ll want to make sure your machine is serviceable should something happen to it in the future.

Weighing Your Options

Computers are versatile machines that are central to our daily lives. When shopping for a new HP, make sure you choose a computer that will fit your lifestyle and cater to your needs. Avoiding common mistakes while shopping for your new HP will help you make a better-informed decision and allow you to take home a machine that will best suit your needs and last for years to come.

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