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Grow plants without soil

Can Plants Grow Without Soil?

Do you love plants and gardening? Most people love gardening and planting, as it is like a meditation for them. I wonder what comes to their mind when they see a small patch of cultivated soil filled with beautiful vegetables and flowers. Maybe they think if it is possible to grow plants without soil. Well, if it is possible, then farmers would easily grow more food in less space. In fact, anyone can grow plants on building tops and a terrace and that also without a mess. Let’s find out with the experts of Plantgrowpick.

According to many researchers, the function of soil is basically to hold mineral nutrients close to roots of plant and soil in itself isn’t necessary for the growth of a plant. What they need is only nutrients and water. It simply means that there is a possibility to grow plants without soil.

Now the question is how to do that, no worries, let’s explore together:

Probably, most people never heard of Film Farming, Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Aeroponic. These are the farming method that required less water and provide with a much healthier version of vegetables and fruits process as it removes weeds, bacteria, and soil-borne pests. And the best thing is that you can grow them year-round…..!


Hydroponics is the method of growing plants in nutrient solution. They grow with or without the use of an artificial medium like gravel, sand, vermiculite, perlite, rock wool, coir, peat moss, or sawdust. Compared to growing plants in soil, Hydroponic growing technique allows controlling the nutrient levels for plants directly. Because of the major control over nutrients, hydroponically grown plants usually have a much higher yield as compare similar plants grown in soil. This method is good to grow a tomato, lettuce, bell pepper. Vegetables that grow beneath the soil, such as leeks, potatoes, onions, carrots, yams, and radishes will also grow very well hydroponically.



Aquaponics is all about growing Plants and Fishes together. The fish waste used as an organic food source for the plants and the plants certainly filter the water for the fish.

Aquaponics = Aquaculture + Hydroponics

So what basically needs to be done is – Feed the Fish!

One can adjust an Aquaponic system anywhere; outside, in a basement, in a greenhouse, or in a living room. The fish used includes barramundi and tilapia as they tolerate better diverse water conditions and they grow fast. Aquaponics is fit to grow small vegetables like kale, watercress, mint, Lettuce, herbs, radishes and spinach.



Aeroponics is one more indoor plantation system. In this plant are up in the air with roots hanging and they are nourished by spraying with water solution and nutrients on a regular basis. Because the roots are surrounded, less nutrient-water mix is required for plants to grow and thrive. Aeroponics is a good way to save space as one can grow them either vertically or horizontally. It is perfect to grow fruits, herbs, and vegetables in apartments.

 Film Farming

Film farming is the invention of Yuichi Mori from Japan, the famous chemical physicist who founded Mebiol in the year 1995. According to experts, a polymer film is key to this farming. The film is made up of hydrogel – a great absorbent material normally seen in disposable diapers. Basically, this material absorbs into it all water and plants grow on its surface. Roots mainly spread out on top of it in a shape like a fan. Hydrogel film decreases water requirement by 90 percent and fertilizer required by 80 percent.


According to most experts, choosing this method to grow lettuce, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and melons are a good idea.

Final Thought

So, according to professionals of Plantgrowpick, the new era of farming would be definitely technology driven. It seems like farmers laboring in the hot sun will be replaced by engineers wearing gloves and masks working indoors.

Plantgrowpick Pty Ltd

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