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By RITIKA SINGH 987 views

The Complete Guide to Canada Immigration from Dubai in 2021

Year after year, Canada has been ranked second in the best countries to live in. Due to the excellent public healthcare and education system along with a high quality of life, migrating to Canada is a great option for someone looking to obtain Canadian citizenship. Canada immigration from Dubai can open a lot of doors in terms of better employment opportunities for highly skilled foreign workers. 

Every year, more than 250,000 people migrate to Canada and a good percentage of this number have got their Canada immigration from Abu Dhabi. There are various different ways to move to Canada and explore the land of opportunities, let us check out the complete guide to Canada immigration from Dubai in 2021. 

Eligibility Criteria

Before you decide to contact Canada immigration services in Dubai, you must check out your eligibility. If there are any legal issues or hindrances then you might not be eligible to obtain a Canadian visa.

  • Criminal Record
  • Health Concern
  • Financial Issues
  • Human Rights Violation
  • Misrepresentation
  • Non-Compliance with Immigration Refugee Protection Act

Different Types of Legal Residency

There are multiple ways to migrate to Canada and here we are going to mention the most common types of residency. 

  • Express Entry – For most people, this would be an ideal choice of migration. If you have age, health, work experience (min 12 months) in a managerial position or a professional skilled profession then you may be considered.
  • Provincial Nominee – It is common when a particular province in Canada invites a worker to their state. 
  • Work Permit – Work Permit visas are applicable when an employer in Canada is ready to sponsor you with a job offer for temporary migration.
  • Family Sponsored – If your family already lives in Canada, they can sponsor your residency to Canada. 

To find out which category suits best to your case, you must go to one of the best Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai and have a chat. 

Fill out the Application

Once you choose your relevant visa type, the next step is to fill out an application for your migration. You can connect with one of the best agencies in Dubai for Canadian immigration to help you understand the complexity of a migration application. As a foreign skilled worker, you can fill out your express entry application with your language proficiency, work experience, educational qualifications, and personal details. Once your application is submitted, you will have to sign up for the Government of Canada’s Job bank. For a self-employed, start-up, or any other type of visa, you will need to mail your application. 

Application Fee Payment

The application fees for an individual applying under the Express Entry category is $500 Canadian dollars. If you have children the application fees will go upto $1250. You can take help from one of the best pr consultancy for canada in dubai regarding the best ways and time to make the application fee payment. Once you make the payment, it is not guaranteed that your visa will be granted. There are other steps undertaken by the Canadian Immigration team to ensure that your profile is genuine. 

Medical Assessment

Once you submit your express entry profile and receive your ITA (invitation to apply) from Canadian immigration, you will need to undergo a medical assessment at a Canadian Government approved medical centre in your city or state. You must be assured that the validity of a medical assessment is for a year and if you are traveling to Canada after 1 year then you will have to appear for the medical test again. 

Police Clearance 

As mentioned in the first point, after receiving an ITA, you will have to provide a Police clearance certificate for the last 10 years of your stay in the UAE or any other foreign country. Note: You do not need to provide police clearance for short-term travel to another country but only when you have stayed in a particular country for more than 6 months at a time for work or for other commitments. 

The Waiting Game

It may take more than 6 months to get a response to your application. Hence, it is best to begin as early as possible to avoid delays. If your application has been rejected due to any particular reason, you can not appeal the decision but apply again after the situation has improved. 

Wrapping Up

Migration from your home country to a foreign country is a complex and overwhelming task for most of us. However, if you consult an ICCRC approved immigration consultant in Dubai, they can make it easier for you to apply for a Canadian residency visa by taking care of the essentials. It is done in such a way that you can prepare for your migration and the application is handled by the agency so that you do not waste your time on the legal processes and start working on your Canadian dream. 

Ritika Singh

As the marketing head at First Step Consultancy, Ritika Singh has a reputed name in the industry. She consistently contributes his valuable knowledge to the top blogging sites.