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A car GPS tracker is one of the most popular tracking devices in city life. Cars are basically an asset. It is your responsibility to keep your car safe and sound with good care.
Did you notice you spent at least 5 to 8 number figure of money on your car but at least a large number of people don’t even spend a single penny for their car’s safety? Whereas it is your one of the most expensive property, might be more expensive than your jewellery. Why not save your car by using a GPS tracker?

How does it work?

Cap GPS tracker tracks your car through a system called global positioning system or in short GPS. This usually uses the network and sends the live location of the car to a receiver in real-time. In short, the system tracks automatically the vehicle location in individual vehicles with the help of software that collects the data of the position of the vehicle. Modern days vehicle uses GPS technology for its location detection and software installed in it. Which helps it to track down and record the data in a server which can be accessed by the owner’s account. You can also see vehicle information on an electronic map via internet service also with real-time information. Now a day in large cities the use of GPS or vehicle tracking device users is increasing day by day due to its practicality and usability.

Why you need a GPS tracker for your car?

GPS tracker not only takes care of your car, it always gives some extra benefits to its users. GPS trackers can bring a number of significant benefits to the management and driving of the car. Most of the benefits are related to efficient fuel costs and driving with effective service.

Route Optimization

With GPS tracker installed in a vehicle, you will always get real-time data of the car location wherever the vehicle goes. You can get the data on your cell phone or laptop both but it must need to have an active internet connection. Through the internet connection, the vehicle can send its current location to your phone. When you put a destination in the tracker system the GPS tracker calculates and finds out the shortest route in the fastest time by using GPS real-time location service and google maps. Which optimizes your route to your destination and saves your time, fuel and money.

Decrease response time and increase customer service

Installing a tracking device in the car will improve its response time in dealing with customers by allowing you to select the vehicle closest to the customer’s location. Some smart censored GPS has also a special feature to give your customers some extra time. This will help customers to get better service even than they are expected.

Reduce fuel cost

For maintaining a car, the first challenge comes with the fuel cost or fuel consumption cost. GPS tracker in the car helps to cut this cost and save your valuable money. Now you might wonder how? Well, GPS gives you always the traffic less route to your destination place with the shortest route. Which saves your fuel with your valuable money?

Improve safety

GPS improves the safely of the overall car. GPS tracking devices allow you to identify your car’s internal any problem and gives a push notification to your phone and laptop’s GPS application. By which you can solve the issue and increase the safety of your car.

Over speed report

GPS always notify you when your car’s speed is higher. You can set a custom speed limit in your vehicle. With these kinds of features when you turn on your speed limit in a specific range, you will be notified when your speed is higher than the preset speed limit. Thus you can control the over speeding of your car and make sure your property is safe.

Bye to car theft

Now a day the amount of car theft is being reduced because they know some cars have GPS installed, as a result, if your car is stolen you can now find it out just with a single click of a button. Even you can control your vehicle engine speed, start-stop from your car GPS controller. Thus you can always make sure your car always stays in your touch wherever you are.

 Cost of GPS for car

GPS tracker is basically 2 types and the cost depends on the types.

  1. Active devices are also collecting information. It transmits information about real-time location, engine running time, distance, average speed, etc.
  2. Passive There is several types of tracking device does exist. They are active and passive. The passive device basically stores all the information like, location, speed, heading towards and some activities like an engine on/off, the door on/off or maybe the predetermined point of the vehicle which was already set.

Now tell me can you afford to roll your beloved ride without a tracking system installed on it? I hope my article helps your understanding at least a bit better. Comment below your feedback, suggestions, and queries, I’ll try to address them on my next article on All Perfect Stories.

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