Car scrapping business has flourished in recent years and it is obvious that with every business flourishing there are frauds, too. Car scrappers also face these fraudsters in their daily dealings and they also face severe losses due to them. To start with, if someone cheats a client who came in for wrecking a car, that client will believe an actual scrapyard owner which means the loss of a client. Plus, treachery with one client becomes a precaution for other planning to scrap their car, which means the loss of a prospective client. This is a cycle of losses that eventually forces a business to take corrective actions, however, with stern rules clients also feel a bit embarrassed and drop the idea of scrapping the car. To avoid this, such fraudsters must be kept away. Read on to know how to stay away from fraud car scrapers. 

  • Believe in Brick-and-mortar

If you have placed an ad on the car wrecking websites or apps, you will start getting texts and calls from prospective scrapyard owners claiming to tow your car away and quote for the prices. This can be their trick to steal the car and it can cost you a lot. Hence, if possible, always prefer a brick-and-mortar scrapyard that physically exists and has a good reputation as a Car Scrapyard. The main benefit of this practice is that you can meet the wrecker face-to-face and there will be no room for treason. Moreover, of you physically visit a scrapyard, you will be able to negotiate upon the quotes and leverage more on the scrapper.

  • Never Share Your Credentials

Another way for duping you is to ask for your credit card details to transfer the amount as the remuneration for a scrapped car. Many fraudsters try to contact you online and request you to sell old Car for Scrap. Their next move is to finalize a price and ask for your bank account details. Once you share your identifications with him, he will never get back to you regarding the car since he will be busy transacting your money and fleeing away. Hence, never share your credentials in the name of payment of your car, even if the offer is unbelievable. After all, fanciful offers are the front of fraudsters.

  • Attend the Scrapping Process

Frauds don’t need to meet you online, some physical scrapyard owners are frauds as well. Their method of forgery includes removing precious assembly and accessories of the car and not paying you for that. Your car consists of countless spares and accessories which cost a whole lot of money and that money is supposed to be paid to you when the car is scrapped along with the price of the metal parts of the car. Some scrapyard owners only pay you for the metal and not for the spares.

The best way to avoid treason in a car scrapping process is to choose a physical wrecking yard and be available during the salvage.       

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