Car Tyres Matter

Most of us know how to maintain our cars externally. But only a few of us give thought into how the tyres we choose also have a great deal of impact on the smooth functioning of our cars. If you are wondering that how do tyres create a great impact on your cars, then keep reading.

Tyre Tread Patterns

Tyre Tread Patterns

The tread of the tyre is the rubber covering the circumference of the tyre that makes contact with the road. Hence, the tread patterns are crucial whether asymmetrical or directional. Directional tyres are exceptionally great at dispersing water, thereby making them suitable for wet conditions. However, the asymmetric one is suitable for every condition and does not favour only one condition. Choose carefully the tyre would you go for to ensure a smooth and safe drive.

Size of the Tyre

Size of the Tyre

The size of the tyre is another important criteria to be considered when choosing one. The smaller tyres and the bigger ones, both have their features and suitabilities. For instance, the smaller ones offer better grip, whereas the bigger ones are comparatively smoother on uneven surfaces. Therefore, the choice should be made according to your vehicle size.

The Contact Patch

The part of the tyre that comes into actual contact with the road is called the contact patch. Every part of the car, regardless of how essential, saves you only if this part functions properly. Like, the brakes only stop the wheels if the contact patch increases friction and maintains proper grip to stop the vehicle. Hence, make sure that the contact patch of your tyres is well built for the proper driving experience.

Tyre Pressure

Tyre Pressure

Like all the other criteria the tyre pressure also plays a vital role. The right amount of pressure in the tyre decides whether the tyre is inflated perfectly or not. An over-inflated tyre tends to increase tyre size and reduce the actual contact area, causing wear and tear, while an underinflated tyre increases the friction making cars less fuel-efficient. This is not a difficult criterion to ensure as it is easy to check and maintain regularly. This ensures the proper functioning of your car.


The tyres can be classified as softer or harder. Softer tyres offer better grips while the harder tyres may not offer as much grip as the softer ones. But the harder tyres are rigid enough to stand out in rough conditions, providing them with an edge over the softer tyres.

Therefore, the tyres you choose for your cars have a much greater impact than you consider. They might seem an ordinary task to choose but they are required to be picked with precision and knowledge. The little enhancing features of your tyres could add up to make your driving experience great.

Are you puzzled with all the different considerations while choosing a tyre?

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