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MBA in real estate
By ROCKY SINGH 1,928 views

5 Career Advice Tips after MBA in Real Estate

MBA in Real Estate is one of the most demanding postgraduate programs for civil engineers and architects. The Best MBA programs for real estate developers the problem-solving and leadership skills of the students, preparing them for top roles in real estate firms. However, to grab dream-roles in the industry, students have to consider many factors, top 5 of them are:

1. Pay Package

The pay package for real estate jobs varies from role to role, company to company. For instance, if you work on a commission basis for the mortgage or realty department in a bank or private financing company, then you may earn a direct proportion to the business relationships you build. Hence, before starting a job after post-graduation, you should research potential job openings and their pay package to compare them with your expectations. If you grab a good job opportunity as your first job, then the possibility of early career growth is higher.

2. Begin Early

The saying that age doesn’t matter is not completely true because the earlier you start, the more advantages you get. For instance, if you plan to start a real estate business, you will require good contacts for buying raw materials, effective supervision, and productive labour. Also, you will be needing financial help from banks in terms of loans. For executing all the mentioned things properly, you will need a vast network and experience. That will only be possible if you start early. It implies not taking long breaks in between post-graduation and starting working.

3. Consider International Opportunities

Do not hesitate to consider international career opportunities. In fact, try to make a pro and con list for the domestic and international opportunities for reaching the best career decision. RICS School of Built Environment (RICS SBE) is one such Indian institution that provides international job opportunities to its real estate students. So, if you get admission or are a postgraduate of RICS SBE, then the chances of you landing on a lucrative international opportunity are very high. Some countries you might want to target for a great career in the real estate industry are the United States, Japan, and Germany.

4. Keep a Market Watch

Usually, the real estate market stays on an upswing unless there are any economic crises like the global recession of 2009 and global pandemic due to the novel coronavirus. However, it is crucial to keep an eye on everyday news mentioning new constructions, commercial spaces, IT Parks, and group societies. This will help you in determining the need for new recruits for completing a big project. Keeping a constant watch on the market lets you grab the opportunities as early as possible and deal with any kind of upcoming threat.

5. Prospective Jobs

This point is slightly similar to the 4th one but possesses its own high value. The real estate industry offers lucrative jobs, such as property managers, real estate sales executives, estate managers, and real estate IT managers. It is essential to keep a constant vigil on the job market of the industry to apply for the potential positions as early as they open up. You may consider applying for professional jobs, including technical opportunities or jobs in infrastructure, including infrastructure managers, store or warehouse managers, and inventory executives.

If you are a student who is looking for an answer to available career opportunities after completing an MBA in Real Estate, then it is advisable to visit the website of RICS SBE for better clarity. It will give you all answers related – where to pursue an MBA in Real Estate and what should be the next career steps.

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