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Packaging and printing are one of the most emerging industries worldwide. They are linked to each other in terms of operations and characteristics. Every product is incomplete without a package and printing is essential to give that package an adorable look. In this way, they continuously related to one another. Custom boxes play an important in the success of your brand. Even the consumers of today prefer to get their products in well-designed custom printed boxes. The manufacturers have realized their need. They are trying to go with the changing market trends. It’s the reason that custom packaging and printing has made its way in every sector. There are bright career opportunities in this field. The packaging industry has large growth potential. With the advancements in modern technology, the sector has evolved over the last few decades. It needs a team of technical experts and analytical thinkers to create the best packaging designs. All you have to do is to find a bright career which makes you flourish in the industry.

Careers in Packaging Field:

  • Packaging Engineer:

Packaging Enginer

A packaging engineer gathers various concepts of mechanical, industrial, chemical and material industries to create perfect packaging. The custom packaging boxes should match the nature of the product. The individual should monitor the packaging at all levels starting from testing to design and shipping. In addition to product packaging, he is also responsible for designing custom shipping boxes according to industrial standards.

  • Package Designer:

Whether you have a small scale business or a large one, it is necessary to have a packaging designer. These are the one who designs the aesthetic outlook of custom boxes or other types of packaging.  A package designer works on different details like graphics, logo, colors, and fonts. He often works in association with engineers, marketing experts and graphic designers to design best custom printed boxes which stand out.

  • Packaging Specialist:

This job title is associated with an individual who goes into the practical details of custom cardboard boxes. For example, he is responsible for answering why fugitive glue is a perfect adhesive or how biodegradable packaging can improve your sales. Packaging experts should have command over different types of material, labels, adhesives, and other packaging technologies. He may work in-house or as a firm’s consultant.

  • Packaging Operator:

Packaging Operator

A packaging operator is more concerned about how the printed packaging boxes are made rather than how they look. A person appointed at this position should test and analyze the machinery. He should deal with mechanical problems with their working. A packaging operator should develop new systems to increase packaging production.

  • Packaging Tester:

Packaging also requires testing. This is to assure its quality. As the cardboard boxes come out of the assembly line, it is necessary to test that they stay safe in every condition. A number of tests are conducted by a packaging tester to check the durability of a packaging. He has to work even on minute details like whether the used adhesive will stand up in a refrigerated environment.

Careers in Printing Field

  • Graphic Designer:

A graphic designer plays an integral role in the printing department. He works on visual concepts with an aim to communicate the ideas to inspire and captivate the customers. He makes an overall layout of printed packaging boxes. Most of the time, he has to work on images, logos, and graphics to create a good appeal. Other jobs of a graphic designer include meeting with clients or art director to understand the scope of the project. Use digital illustrations, layout and photo editing software to create best designs. Work on visual elements like images and logos to deliver the required message. He selects colors for the interface. Present designs to the art director or clients and incorporate changes suggested by them. In the end, he reviews the designs before sending them to the printing press.

  • Prepress Technicians:

The prepress technicians prepare the printing jobs for the press. They take the images and text from the clients. They ensure that coloring and other issues are resolved before the cardboard boxes go into the printing press. The prepress technicians create the printing plates. They receive all the material electronically. The files are maintained and uploaded to computers. Digital imaging software is used to layout the pages. They make sure that the format, design, setting, quality and related aspects are completed according to customer’s specifications.

  • Printing Machine Operator:

When the material gets ready, the printing machine operator reviews it under the assistance of a prepress technician. He installs and adjusts the plates accordingly. He also monitors the flow of solution, inks, load paper and adjusts the pressure. The final work of the printing machine operator is to adjust the press to the paper size. He should sort out any problem that might occur in the press while printed custom packaging boxes. The operator continuously monitors every process throughout the run. Make minor repairs and adjustments if needed.

Some of the other professional occupations include desktop publishers, illustrators, and customer service representatives. Desktops publishers perform some of the similar work as that of prepress workers. They perform typesetting, design and page layout on computers. They make sure that all the files are incorrect layout and format. Illustrators are responsible for creating charts, graphs, drawing and full-color artwork which complement the text. The next one is customer service representatives, also known as production coordinators. They keep track of various production processes. They act as a liaison between clients and prepress technicians.

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